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  1. Police visit whilst mother visiting = bad news! lol

    1. quinch


      Police leaving with tail between legs after being shown UKARA & UKAPU cards = sweet!

  2. says Happy Samhain!

  3. quinch

    What's your backup?

    A couple of grenades! Also smokes…if the “fudge is being made” and I have to get out of town…a couple of grenades followed by some smoke usually does the trick to let me get out of a jam. In case of a true emergency though I usually find myself walking back to the regen point. lol
  4. quinch

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    ..and another, more so you get a feel for the terrain at the site more than anything.
  5. quinch

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me at The Sandpit, Cerberus Airsoft, Yorkshire, UK
  6. quinch

    The NEW T5 NFDD

    When and how much?? Looks like a more viable and useful alternative to a BFG (safety wise).
  7. quinch

    T5 NFDD

    These look great and with some nice features. When will they be available via Retail outlets in the UK? Any idea on Retial prices as well as these could be a better option than a heavy BFG for safety and use.
  8. quinch

    What music are you currently listening to?

    To my deep…deep..and unabiding shame, I’m currently listening too the soundtrack from Twilight. Honest, I’m not a teenage girl! I’m sure my wife would have noticed.
  9. quinch

    Quinch's stuff

    General archive of Airsoft photos, me and friends.
  10. quinch

    MOE'd M4

    Just completed the rebuild internally and externally of this M4 of mine. Its now fully Li-Po ready and has a mix of MOE externals.
  11. quinch

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Yay!! Rant time… 1) The “Santafication” of Christmas!!! He’s FATHER CHRISTMAS…I am not German, I am not American, I am..in fact..ENGLISH (Not British…bloody Welsh) and to me he is Father Christmas. Even my Kids are coming home from School saying he’s “Santa”…WTFingF!! 2) The Welsh 3) Christmas as a whole…way to go Catholics…steal MY Yuletide will ya! 4) Drivers who stay in the Middle Lane of a Motorway…it’s a MOTORWAY not a Freeway. Please refer back to the Highway code and retake your *frootcagio* driving lessons as you phishing well can’t drive! 5) The Welsh, and Wales in general. (I’m an anti-welsh bigot and comfortable with that, next to the “Ginners” they’re the worlds greatest threat *wink*) 6) Ginger haired men…one word “Abomination”, two words… “Hair Dye”, use it. *Disclaimer: unilateral, bigoted comments accepted in good faith, ‘cos I is Spescil*

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