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  1. hey guys! Im thinking about getting this gun but i have a few questions... 1) can i get this gun from a US retalier? 2) is this gun easily upgraded able? 3) is it worth it? (i like pistols n sold my GBB cuz i want an AEP (less maintnece and i dont have time to do maintence) cheers! mcde
  2. INTRODUCTION I First wanted to get a Red Dot Sight (RDS) for my replica right away because of Delta in the movie black hawk down. I really liked the way they looked. I was also thinking of getting a ACOG but after comparing the RDS and the ACOG on a CA M15A4 Carbine i concluded (in my opionion) that the ACOG looked better on the M15 Rifle and the RDS looked better on the Carbine. I ordered this from E-Hobby Asia for 42.99 on a monday and got it the following Wed. 10 days like they said. so A+ for them. Build Quality The King Arms RDS has a all metal build to it. The only thing tha
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