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  1. Fantastic buyer: Good comms; fast payment; very polite. Not to mention amazingly calm and understanding when Parcelforce lost a "24hr" package for nearly a week. Would not hesitate to deal with him again. Great chap.

  2. Great person to deal with, good communication. Highly reccomended

  3. I bought a Prometheus barrel from Capt Barsteward. Good communication throughout, great packaging and the item arrived exactly as described. Would deal with him again. Cheers.

  4. speedy payment good communication

    top man

  5. axl

    Jay7 bought an M14 from me. Prompt payment, good communication, all over a hassle free transaction. Many thanks.

  6. Jay7

    Got an M14 from axl,very good to deal with.

  7. Great chap! Got a 5.11 sling off him, exactly as described. Very polite and fantastic comms, would definitely deal with him again!

  8. Good man to to buisness with, traded a sling for a broken glock, and it was word for word as advertised!

    Top man!

  9. Great seller ... brought a P90 ... well packaged and good communication ...shipped in good time ...Thanx

  10. axl

    M14 Picture Thread

    Ah ok I'll look into the cheekrest cheers. Hmmm, I'd leave it as it is tbh, looks like an urban rifle, although maybe a dark khaki colour would be good. Either way looks great as is!
  11. axl

    M14 Picture Thread

    Agreed cgyarring, what make of m1 replica is that? Any good? Oh and where'd you get the cheek rest? Nice looking m21 by the way
  12. axl

    M14 Picture Thread

    Oh that sounds interesting! Any chance of pics?
  13. axl

    M14 Picture Thread

    Titleist, that is the most gorgeous m14 i have seen in a long time. I'm a big fan of plain m14's. I do have a question though, shouldn't you die the sling?
  14. axl

    Glock Picture Thread

    Oh yeah nothing wrong with it i was just wondering. I've never shot one of those or the TM version but yeah i guess it would come in handy. Oh and nice G19 Black Stena.
  15. axl

    Glock Picture Thread

    Cyma AEP?

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