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  1. DO WANT!! Is that a pre production piece? I need one in my life.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyNQ4AsFhfU&feature=share&list=UUp1S6NAPK1H87vnaG9iLPiA This launcher is super easy to use aim and shoot. We don't recommend CQB distances when using nerf rockets though. =P
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ8vIKehMW8&feature=share&list=UUp1S6NAPK1H87vnaG9iLPiA Didn't realize there was a specific place to put videos =) This was an awesome op in Chester NY at a old girls reformatory school. Unfortunately, no naughty girls were spotted.
  4. WHere can I buy the clone sop mod? I stripped out one of the grip screws on the gearbox and figure it would be good to have a parts gun.
  5. Try stretching out the springs and see if that helps. I had the same issue then cleand out my mags and streteched out the springs and works great now. Still not as good as new, but much better.
  6. Damn totally tempted to give one of these a try. I allready have a Marui EBB and it's super reliable, but have a desire for more noise and recoil. I've contemplated a asahi classic(I used to have an Asahi) but after getting the air rig and spending $50 + ship for each mag from japan, a loadout would put me over $1000 and I can't use them in semi only CQB games. A KWA with 5 mags would put me up around $600 which is alot but less then a classic. I read that a number of users are experiencing broken hop teeth. I wonder if this will correct that issue as it's made for KSC. I dont think t
  7. Anyone having an issue with the gearbox getting hung up on the antireversal? Running a trimmed pdi170 with a 7.4 and it's pretty flawless, but twice now the box locked up(totally seperate occourances, 6mo apart. I was shooting full auto, so I dont think it's from short stroking the trigger. I end up taking off the grip and motor and popping the anti reversal, but it's definatly not an ingame fix.
  8. Is your M4 a front or rear wire one? I may just keep my M4 and finish doing it up. As for the wiring, it's down to current draw. If you are running a relatively stock marui, 22AWG is probably on the edge, but if it is upgraded, count on getting something thicker to handle the current demands. 18AWG is probably going to be a better size. If you are running a front wire setup like me though, it will probably be pretty tedious running it through the front end. On those hornbill gears, how is the quality? With the parts availability now, I dont see a problem juicing this gun to higher FP
  9. If anyone is lookin, i'm selling my SOCOM. I haven't played in the last 4 months and I dont really forsee that changing. arnies link
  10. Easy to do with a GBB ASAP and a dremel with a grinding stone. Takes 10 minutes. You just want to grind the inner diameter out by half a milimeter and the mounting wings by the same. Throw it in a vise and get it done.
  11. Anyone experience wear on the sector gear where the piston releases? My mechbox locked up the other day, so I took it apart to clean out and release the anti reversal and noticed rounding for the sector gear where it engages the metal release tooth of the piston. It still shoots fine, but definately ordering a set of replacements from RSOV. I am running a cut down pdi 150 shooting 320fps with stock gears/piston.
  12. I was on Alpha 3-6 with my socom and I regularly blasted folks peeking out of the murder holes from 100 feet. If it wasn't for the wind, I would have had a ton of more crazy shots. 175-200ft shots were perfectly normal, however, at that distance, the wind took my shots for a vacation. The gun shoots so straight that I ended up just using the irons then a set of red-dots. No issues with the gun all weekend. Multiple guns on my squad and others around me went down, but this badboy keeps ticking. I was shooting 300fps with .28s on a cutdown and well used pdi 170, plastic bushings, pdi 05
  13. Anyone interested in buying SOPMOD mags? Figured it's a specialty item. I have (8) mags, all used 2-3 times each. Moving to AEG mags for interchangability with my team mates. All 8 for $165 shipped in the US or $90 for (4) of them shipped in the US.
  14. Anyone have dimensions of the RAtech lipo pack? I'm gonna take my PDW to the bandsaw and chop down the block and slim the outer barrel
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