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  1. Some say that the figure has a MOLLE attachment to equip on chest rigs, and that by buying this figure you learn everything from the Magpul dynamics DVDs.
  2. hey man, I saw in the off topic forum that you're from CT? What part? I'm from the fairfield county area.

  3. nice pics, ahaha weren't you scared of dropping you camera?
  4. For those of us that have iPhones I just discovered that there is a free Photoshop app that's pretty cool for playing around with Picts
  5. how much did that set you back in US currency?
  6. you could also go for an older Nikkor macro lens, that what I am using now for macro applications. But note that nikon likes to call their lens "micro"
  7. just playing around with the LED, haven't quite figured it all out yet...
  8. nice peace of kit right? are you considering the D300 over the D90?
  9. Well, its wider than what i've been using, very sharp too at f.22.
  10. just ordered a nikon 28mm f2.8 prime lens for my d300s, can't wait, i'll be using it for my wide angle applications.
  11. its funny that you post this picture...my pops is an architect consultant for the bank that fianced the creation of that new casino thats in your pic.
  12. just ordered a remote for my camera, and and LED flashlight, I am going to attempt to do those "led" drawings with my camera.
  13. Well as an asian guy, I can add to the whole submissive thing. I have found that it is usually the older generation as well as the "mainlanders" i.e not born abroad girls who exhibit this "submissiveness". However this can usally be contributed to confucian ideals.
  14. Too true aerdrew those focuespoints really help. Right now I have a 50mm 1.8 mounted on it
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