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  1. 666cowboy

    Custom Gear

    As an option for velcro, I have added magnetics to the pockets and pouches instead of velcro. Its easier to open and close and doesnt pick all the junk in th evelcro. A magnet on the flap and pouch slimply sewn under a peice of black fabric. I havent had a problem with any thing falling out.
  2. 666cowboy

    Custom Gear

    I run dual pistols so I started last year on my own custom rig. I think I am finished with my rig for a while. All parts of the rig are modular ...I have the bottom piece in the picture with the dump pouch and glock holsters and another bottom that is bare for a minimal rig. The top suspenders with my radio button and knife can be replaced with a bare pair of bare suspenders. The custom drop legs snap off so I don't have to have them on the rig either. Of course the belt holds all my mag pouches still. I have a holster that hooks to the back of my rig so I can carry the bazooka vertical on my back, but I need to secure it better. The bazooka holster slides over a strap sewn on the right side of the top section.

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