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  1. Horse

    A&K M60VN

    Awesome pics - thanks!
  2. Real grips fit once you have modified them (holes). The easiest way to make the stock grip tighter is to remove the stock grip screw and remove about 1/8"-3/16" frmo the end of it. Mine bottomed out at the base of the threads prior to being tight on the grip. When I installed my RS grip I had to shorten my screw about 1/2"
  3. Are you referring to the TAD Spectre Hoodie? $300 is a LOT of money for a jacket - I don't care who makes it.
  4. My Cactus mask is too close for glasses - but my friends ACM would be great for glasses.
  5. Does anyone know when they changed over to the new Mag latch? That is the only major problem with the Kalash guns - that stupid mag catch.
  6. Who has these in stock curently?
  7. yep = but then again I won't have money for a while either, so that could all work out in the end.
  8. You can prob get a fitting from Mc Master - and they do overnight shipping. Also contact Sparrow - he offered a Warranty - though I doubt it will be in time for this weekend.
  9. Got this back from RS: Dear Horse, Thanks for your approval on our product, and what you favored is already in our agenda, but we have no exactly idea about when it will be released. You will be informed if I get any new info about it. Best wishes! Sophia RS Service
  10. Has anyone heard when the SVD-S and the Poly stock models will be released? I have emailed RS several times but never got an answer.
  11. I'm going to a game on Sat and plan on trying .2's .25's and .3's. I will post results. I finally got my MAG brand mids to feed correctly - it took a hand file and CAREFUL filing of the latch to even it out accross the latch and bring it down a smidge more. The 2 I tried yesterday fed like champs on both single and FA.
  12. Sorry - ment the mag catch. Some do - some don't, the Kalash fun continues!
  13. I'll have to try both - tightening the feed tube and removing a little bit more from the mags.
  14. Draco - Where are you located? Im in Layton! TWO DG AK's in one place - Fantastic! I chronoed my DG 105 and obtained 330 FPS with 100 PSI (CO2 at room temperature at WeaponBlender SLC). This is with the stock recoil spring - the high rate spring is currently on order from Sparrow and with it on 120 PSI should be shooting 390. The guns (as pictured) come with the entire mizzle brake caked in red paint. This was easily recitifed with a little bit of brake cleaner in my case. They also come with the standard Kalash mag seating problems - again easily cured. The reco
  15. TOTALLY different concept at work here. That is why the triggers are not the same.
  16. Horse

    GHK AKS74

    Thanks for the review! I myself went with the external air becuase of the circumstances you mentioned in your post. CO2 being essentially cheap and easy to find in the US, and the high cost of magazines led me to DG. But - the GHK is still a sweet piece of kit!
  17. Zahal all the way - great communication.
  18. the PC gearbox is fantastic is all I know. I have over 100K rounds through my FNC (same basic gearbox) and just barely had to change the hop rubber and changed to a low FPS stock Marui spring in order to use it for CQB. After nearly 3 years it was still shooting 376 average FPS. If they put in a crappy pot metal gearbox I would not use the gun at all.
  19. The best Medic! Commander and Medic
  20. The Mitznefet is a camo helmet cover that is used to disguise the shape of the head when worn with or without the helmet.
  21. Turned it into an "FNCQB" Front end is 100% custom in between the delta ring and the front sight/gas block.
  22. have to add a pic of the FNCQB in use - it is a VERY loud gun. I had several people ask me if it was GBB becuase it was so loud.
  23. Hello from Tac-4 Israel and a shout out to the real hero's of the IDF. Here is a picture from our last game on Sat: And some other pics of our team to start off this thread on a good note: From henceforth let the IDF goodness flow forth. (my hosting sight sometimes goes on the fritz - don't worry if you can't see the first image)
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