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  1. LeeC

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    wish somone would make a serbu super-shorty
  2. LeeC

    Glock Picture Thread

    I'd go with OD - guarder make a nice frame too which wont break the bank my current project is being inspired by real steel mods done on Glockes - there alot of discussion about the chunckness of the frame grip and alot of companies offer a reduction and re grap service - dueto the AEP's design there sin't alot of room for reduction but a simeple sand off of the grip does allow for room to play so inspired in part by this I have done this to a Glock AEP frame - its a practce run but i'm quite pleased so i might end up using it
  3. LeeC

    Glock Picture Thread

    some nice Glocks there I've a nice OD guarder frame for my TM G17 - been trying to find a guide ion how to strip it down - anyone got any clues? I promise pics when its done

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