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  1. Lewis, I'm really diggin' the old school MP5. Too bad they don't make the MP5A1 mags...it'd be straight gold.
  2. Looks like a PTW with some nice accessories on it.
  3. I dig the top one, Pozzie. very nice.
  4. Yea you won't. You've been switching your M4 components so fast it's ridiculous.
  5. Nice work, man. I like the paintjob too.
  6. I'm diggin' that LR300. I've always wondered about the grip, though. It looks like it could be uncomfortable.
  7. RSP, did you custom mold that stock?
  8. Lovin' the guns, Luvs2shoot
  9. Or he throws a PEQ on there for games.
  10. That's sexy, Vic, I can't wait to see that in person.
  11. I'm a little bothered by the shirt too as a part of the "check out my stuffs" perspective. Alone, it'd be fine. And I don't really see how posting photos of a mk18 is a memorial collage. It's gun pr0n. And don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful weapon and I wish I had a sexy looking gun like that.
  12. Knick, I'm pretty sure it's a Troy rail.
  13. Something darker, as Pkekyo said, and some nice soft blending to break up the outline of that sexy thing. What brand is that, BTW?
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