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  1. you sir are a mind reader (or you saw an earlier post i made ) the holster/stock is ww2 era production for the inglis browning hi-power and so the 4.3 hi cappa combination fits inside the holster nicely, if i put a full length 5inch slide on it wont fit inside the holster anymore, but the full size 1911a1 looks more appropriate when attached (1st world problems i know) in that pic its a series70 frame with a 4.3 hi-cappa slide and a aftermarket cmdr style hammer
  2. nice pic showing the importance of the interface distance between the hammer and the grip safety on a 1911, my TM 1911a1 like the real thing can be de-cocked one handed because of this specific interface distance. because of the grip safety on a 1911 its quite hard to de-cock a 1911 one handed, but if you pull the hammer all the way to the rear it will push against the grip safety enough that you can lower the hammer one handed, this was a requirement of the original design over 100 years ago the half cock position of the hammer on my TM 1911a1 is also there to make it more likely to l
  3. oh what have we here, the infamous detonics slide showing off its lower area at the rear to improve cocking the hammer on the draw, but what could it be attached to.. oh noes the humanity, actually in 1 way the stock helps a lot with the detonics slide, which has not the greatest accuracy thanks to its really short slide/barrel/sight radius
  4. a TM with wood grips, i just swapped the MSH out
  5. managed to find a more suitable 1911a1 to use with the stock, as i suspected it wont fit inside the stock so i will have to consider permanently altering the stock to make it work as a holster with the full length 1911a1
  6. the stock is either a reproduction of or a mismatched parts/refinished inglis holster stock for the canadian inglis high power. the browning high power has a 4.75inch barrel instead of the typical 5inch barrel on a standard 1911 and the high power has a more narrow profile at the muzzle, both aspects would make the stock/holster a better fit for the high power. unfortunately i havent been able to test the stock/holster with either a full size 1911 or with a high power, will report back when i have more information. and thanks for the kind words guys, i am certainly pleased with how it
  7. yeah a 1911a1 was my final goal, but with the full length slide i dont think the holster will close securely so now im torn.. it turns out that my botched commander sized franken-1911 fits inside the holster perfectly
  8. another shot showing the gbb in the holster/stock and how there is plenty of room for either hammer down or cocked and locked carry also shows a bit of the filing work i had to do on the msh, did it all by hand with needle files, took 3 days. thats a stock TM msh and the attachment parts on the holster/stock are steel, so whilst originally it was a good tight fit, after using it as my primary for a vietnam weekender there is a small amount of side to side play that will only get more pronounced = me not looking forward to filing a steel msh so might have to explore getting someone
  9. inspired by this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XhVhGvMpwk
  10. i read that review as well, i like to run my detonics slide on a series 70 frame when things get really cold, seems like the best of both worlds, larger gas capacity and lighter slide. series 70 frame, 1911a1 trigger, 4.3 hicappa hammer and the detonics slide has a stainless tightbore in it
  11. so as this is the '1911 picture thread' we should only be posting pics of 1911's and not other models, like any other variant of colts 'government' model pistol. the '1911' or '1911a1' is a specific military designation for a particular model of colt pistol, but u guys already know all this. its just that everybody calls them "1911's" when we all know they aren't really (sets shields to max)
  12. had this o&w toledo about 10 years now, it still keeps time as accurately as when it was new at about -10 secs per day which is pretty good for a self winding valjoux 7750 movt that isn't chronometer rated it really needs a service but that is a bit spendy for something that is working fine.. anyway thats my 'during the week' watch, i usually wear a tatty old issue cwc g10 for skirmishing which has had its allegedly 'shatterproof' acrylic crystal replaced twice after airsofting incidents
  13. 2 on the right are what i mostly carry, lower commander size in a bianchi holster on my chestrig and the detonics in the admin pouch. also have 6 mags in total so plenty to use (or share if needed) both gbb's are mostly TM with tight-bore barrels and aftermarket wood grips. detonics also has a 1911a1 trigger, which i much prefer to the original commander sized is a TM series70 lower with a TM 4.3 hi-cappa slide. amazingly accurate, took out a guy at 50m on sunday using guarder .28g ammo, (love gbb's on a 24'c day ) finally got some altamont grips for the detonics, they are r
  14. tanaka S&W m36 'Ladysmith' with steel finish and wood grips, this is a totally stock revolver that i've carried and used in a few games. drops nicely into the top admin pouch on my chest rig for those last stand monents, or i have this rather nice holster which i picked up here on the forums for when i want another carry option
  15. all of the latest j frame releases from tanaka have 'MADE IN USA' etc with no tanaka trades, not sure about any others nice pics btw
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