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  1. Oh right, didn't think you could legally own the cuffs either.
  2. Leadmill: Where did you find the baton, cuffs and TASER?
  3. I'll try and get a picture tonight of some of the new airborne webbing that's being trialled by a Colour Sgt tonight.
  4. Two things; trouser twists and tuck those laces away.
  5. I know it's personal choice and all that, but more and more recently men/boys with long hair are really getting on my tits. Really creeps me out when my 5 yea old cousin looks like a girl and my mate has the same hair style as his girlfriend ...
  6. What's pissing me off lately is this sort of fashion with dropping magazines. Cheap plastic STAR mags are great for being cheap and indestructable but people get exited that they can drop them and just leave them lying there in the woods when they are done with them. I'm sure they will pick them up later or whatever but no way is it 'realistic' as you would then have nothing to bomb up when you need to later. And if you leave it lying there and move on it is easy for enemy to spot it and judge that you have been there, are using a certain type of ammunition and weapon etc. So mu
  7. Ok, cool. And yeh, I know yours is a SUSAT, just wondered about the other one.
  8. I've only ever seen one painted L85 in Defence magazine or something and thought it looked pretty cool. Looks a bit odd how you did it though. Doesn't look like paint or all over ... Nice loadout anyway. EDIT: eel one [COE] - What sight is on that L85? ACOG?
  9. To be perfectly honest, outside of the pistol range I have seen an issued sidearm only once, and that was one of the guys on the gate passing me as I went into the armoury.
  10. Threads that have some vague title such as 'Look ...' or 'Found this' or 'Need help' or 'Jibba jabba!' just get on my tits. Isn't the point of a title so you can see what a thread is about rather than 'I have a ...' and having to go in to find out you don't give a ######?
  11. That and vaseline before you put it on. Makes it wipe off dead easy with baby wipes afterwards.
  12. Same for me Crazy Harry. 8p noodles make for a good holiday, not romantic meals out and theatre shows dammit. EDIT: Note this is not when on holiday, I'm all for the theater and romantic meals then but when I'm saving up over a grand in three months I damn well am not.
  13. Funny, I can only just live with the light grey TR. Just doesn't work in anything but black, in my opinion. Those paint jobs are impressive though.
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