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  1. What's pissing me off lately is this sort of fashion with dropping magazines.


    Cheap plastic STAR mags are great for being cheap and indestructable but people get exited that they can drop them and just leave them lying there in the woods when they are done with them.


    I'm sure they will pick them up later or whatever but no way is it 'realistic' as you would then have nothing to bomb up when you need to later. And if you leave it lying there and move on it is easy for enemy to spot it and judge that you have been there, are using a certain type of ammunition and weapon etc.


    So much for the 'realism' when leaving a piece of yorkie wrapper in your pit when leaving a harbour area would get you raped by the nearest Corporal.

  2. Threads that have some vague title such as 'Look ...' or 'Found this' or 'Need help' or 'Jibba jabba!' just get on my tits. Isn't the point of a title so you can see what a thread is about rather than 'I have a ...' and having to go in to find out you don't give a ######?

  3. Same for me Crazy Harry.


    8p noodles make for a good holiday, not romantic meals out and theatre shows dammit.


    EDIT: Note this is not when on holiday, I'm all for the theater and romantic meals then but when I'm saving up over a grand in three months I damn well am not.

  4. The best mate she was getting off with was female, by the way.


    And no, I've had a wierd enough time with friends being gay as it is recently.


    And though it does sound that bad, I can't say I'm that bothered about any of it really.


    If anything, it's been quite funny.

  5. Last night was the wierdest night in my life.


    My girlfriend got off with her best mate 8 times, twice while sitting on my lap, and then I get moaned at for kissing the mate just twice on the lips...


    I can see how I'm the guilty party, of course :blink:


    Also, someone who I'd know for roughly two hours kept me up all night because she got really ###### and needed someone to stop her drowning in her own sick.


    What else has been f**ked up lately?


    Maybe that I've found out my best mate is gay, which just doesn't compute right now.


    Maybe I could be annoyed at my brand new PDA being *fruitcage*ed up by random family members who decide my room would be a nice place to dump a 6 and 11 year old while I'm out for the night?


    Maybe it's my dad replacing me with a new ''son'' in the form of his second cousin who is over from Estonia. He's one step away from airbrushing me out of photos and putting him in instead.


    They even call each other ''Dad'' and ''son''.


    ''Oh Darren, while you were out, we gave your room away!''


    EDIT: Even better - last Thursday I was offered to join in a threesome with one georgeous, leggy blonde, one very attactive brunette, and one decent enough brunette.


    Of course, I couldn't join in. So dammit.


    EDIT: I guess that would technically be a foursome.

  6. I can see where who-ever-it-was is coming from with the religious conversion thing.


    One of my ex's and my current girlfriend are Christian, and some of the arguements they use to try to get me to believe in some kind of God are at times quite insane.


    Most of what they tend to take as proofs can often be explained as either a coincidence, explainable by science, or just drivel.


    If people want to believe in a God, that's fine.


    If they don't get the point that I don't and never will believe the same as them, even after 4 whole chapters in my bloody book, hours of disproving their proofs, and then just ignoring them, then it's often hard to get them to go away.


    EDIT: On that note, my pissin book is getting on my nerves too.


    I started writing it a few months ago, but still have loads left to write.


    There was a publisher that was interested in the idea and an excerpt that I sent them, but I just can't seem to get the damn thing finished.

  7. Some cheeky funting chuck has been on my MSN account (which I only use for emails and if I really need it) and changed both my screen name to some Little Britain quoting gay parody, deleted all of my emails, sent several emails to friends of mine and signed me up to about 20 odd different newsletters from vibrating chairs and muscle relaxants to horseriding and Donkey Kong!


    How I love people. Especially when fleeing from a crazed maniac with a shotgun.

  8. I cannot be doing with anyone who says they ''can care less''.


    It makes no sense what so f**king ever.


    They say it meaning ''I can't/couldn't care less'', as in they care so little that they could have no lower level of caring.


    Saying that they ''could care less'' means that they have some level of caring, which gives the opposite impression to what they actually mean.

  9. In reference to Ewoks:




    They are the most stupid things ever to be invented. Why, oh WHY would they be there!?


    Those bloody stormtroopers should have crushed the little f**kers.


    It has been my lifes dream to hold a blaster pistol the the head of a grinning Ewok with its arms spread wide for a hug and just squeeze the trigger.


    Execute the little f**kers. I hate them. Hate them.


    I couldn't wait for the mission on SW:BF2 so I could hunt the little f**kers.

  10. I understood at first, yes, that I may not actually need to buy new gear or guns, but I still wanted to. So they 'let' me do so.


    Now I earn enough to actually afford it. I should be spending all my bloody hard earned cash on other people though, and 'sensible' things.


    Ya know, like a car that will pretty much keep me in debt for the forseeable (sp?) future with fuel, maintenance, road tax, insurance etc.


    Or I should buy lots of expensive Christmas presents for people just because I can, nevermind if they "need" them or desire them.


    No Darren, that will not be enough. Next I want you to help with the mortgage. Granted, I have let you live here for the whole of your life before now, but it will help you to economise and sort your money.


    I'm tempted to just quit my jobs (yes, plural) as at this rate it will end up with me having less money than when I don't have a job.


    Are you sure you want that Darren? Yes Mother, that is why I'm buying it.


    Yes, I know I can live without it, but I've been after this book/film/pocket sized nuclear device for a while now.


    Why don't you go for driving lessons like I've been ordering you to do for the last year or so? Then you can buy a car and go where you like.


    I can pretty much drive Dad, and I can walk most places I need to go as I'm not a lazy fat b*****d. And you know full well I can't afford a car.


    Also, I happen to be just as stubborn as my father when I'm told to do something. If either of us are virtually ordered to do something, it's almost painful to go along with it. So how does telling me to do something I don't need or want to do right now for an entire year help?


    I'm bored now, I'll moan more later.



    While I'm at it, I'll have a go at them too.


    In a conversation someone randomly said: ''Ohhh, I'll have to cook my own dinner tonight..."


    Turns out that she has all of her meals cooked for her.


    I asked every one else round the table out of interest and it turns out I was the only one who actually cooks for myself. It isn't the hardest thing in the world. I enjoy it, and I can get my food just how I like it.


    On that note, I hate cooking oil too. I hate oil in general. And sand. I f**king HATE sand.


    And what's wrong with excerise?


    I'm not the most active of people, but I do keep myself in shape. No matter what I've done in the day I do at least 50 sit ups and 50 press ups, and 50 'reps' with 5kg weights. I walk instead of drive when I can.


    "I can't walk that far..." is to be banned from being uttered in my presence.


    As are the words 'modern' and 'fashionable'. I will hurt the next person who uses either word in my presence. I don't have to go into why here, it's hardly worth it.

  12. My only major rant at the moment is that the VCR bill is coming and I can't afford to get what I want preban.


    I seriously can't justify spending over 2 months wages on a single gun either. No matter how much I bloody well want it.


    Another thing is that my fingers are starting to freeze up due to cold and making my knuckles crack and so I can't even type a few lines without making a half dozen spelling mistakes. Not that I rely on a stupid spell checker either. I have a mind and can tell bad English from good English and it just p*sses me off when people can't even check for themselves what they are doing.


    Granted, if you are writing a book, use a god damn spell checker, cause I bet you don't want to read through all the dribble you've just typed, but a few lines or so isn't too bloody hard.


    And my book, which I've been writing spontaneously over the last few months, has reached some sort of area where ... I just can't be happy with it yet can do no more. It's not a bad book, it's decent and clear, and a fun read, but I just want to do more.


    Screw it, I'll just go tease the cat.


    Yes, the cat that we somehow adopted even though we keep two fish and a parrot in the house. Clever.


    And I can't get to any bloody skirmishes recently because people drop out at the last minute, or have no money, or other stupid excuses.


    Right, I'll go sit with the budgies. And that damn quail with its damn gammy leg that sits in your hand. And that stupid dove that throws food everywhere.




    EDIT: Just bloody punch him.


    Not that 'girlfriends' are woth it most of the time. I don't particularly like one night stands but I can't be arsed with all the clingy sh*t and other stuff like buying sweet presents and stuff.


    I've done it once, all those romantic walks and flowers left on the bed, and I've done that again, but now I'm sick of it.

  13. Hang on, I thought you hated WAs...


    Anyway, my moaning:


    I took out all my money at the airport (in a plastic wallet type thing), and transfered some cash into my normal wallet.


    I get called over to the rest of my group, so pick up my bags, but accidentally leave the wallet on the bench.


    I was left for 5 days surviving on about £25 worth of Czech Krona, and lost £100 in Krona, and £40 sterling :(.

  14. Wasn't this a rant thread :S.


    Anywho, I get rather pi***d at people who try to steal my job, when I do believe I got it fair and square. I worked for a better position, and I got it. I'll be gone by the end of next year, so all you have to do is wait or be better than me at my job.


    EDIT: Also, I haven't been able to stay on the internet for more than 5 minutes a day because of old bloody phone lines not bloody being bloody efficient enough to bloody work in my bloody area of bloodiness.


    And stupid little problems with my guns such as a barrel that randomly drops off or a battery that mysteriously won't work one minute, and miraculously gives an AEG the ROF of Satan himself two minutes later!

  15. My rant for the day: Thick headed PC prats.


    I was waiting for a friend to finally pick what she wanted to eat in a shop at dinner, and overhear this little conversation:


    Idiot 1: ''White bread, isn't that racist?''


    Idiot 2: ''Shushhhh, they'll think we're racist!''


    Now is it just me or is this just over the top ######?


    It's bread, for crying out loud. We have brown bread, does that cause offence? No, as most people have common sense and see it as a description, not as an insult.


    It's the same with whiteboards and blackboards. My college is predominantly Asian, perhaps 90%. To be honest, I couldn't care less, yet we get it shoved down our throughts (sp?) constantly that we should be more equal with them (as in white people must respect their beliefs and what not) and don't use any offensive terms.


    I don't care what they're beliefs are about anything at all, really, as I'm generally a friendly guy with anyone. But when they start getting special privilages, such as a proposed trip to London for Islamic people for something or other, and I ask if anyone can go, I get told 'No', as I'm not muslim.


    Ok, fair enough, the trip wasn't aimed at me. But were we to suggest that only causasians were allowed to go o somewhere, there would be uproar.


    It gets quite annoying at times.


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