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  1. ok guys so i was lookin at redwulf and i have been eyeing the airsoft surgeon shotguns i was wondering if anyone had any experience with one and could givea mini review. Also can the airsoft surgeon ones that take regular shells take the buck shot and slug stuff???
  2. ok thanks for the pic of the echo 1 one i am lookin at that one and want to put a bipod, a scope and a 170% spring with a magnum and high torgue gears with lil poly. by the way any of u run a lil poly in yur m14??
  3. hey guys wat do u think of the new echo 1 M14??
  4. Hey Tek-Spec, do you have any more pics of your M4 w/ the KA MRE on it. And have you gotten an M6. Thanks.
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