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  1. Just logged in out of the blue to check in, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.
  2. hasn't been on here in some time...

    1. FireKnife


      Where have you been? Tea was ready 6hrs ago.

    2. X Lupin
  3. I just bought the same kit to add to my uncompleted stash 'til I get some more Vallejo airbrush paint. Ben.
  4. is considering a 'generic action movie bad guy' loadout... Black overalls, a field cap, and an MP5 it is, then.

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    2. Bando


      uzi would be better but seconding the dirty big optics

    3. L4byr1nth


      Ok, found the look I want to go for...




      Guy on the left. Jeans, white shirt, horrendous MP5.



    4. FireKnife


      To be a true 80's bad guy you will want a HK94 and chop the barrel off, :P

  5. If you want to buy it in the UK, try Tactical Quartermaster, Wolf Armouries, or Airsoft Armoury. Ben.
  6. Mine has been having a few problems recently. Took it out on Sunday, and it would jam every 3-4 shots, usually venting all the gas. Not sure why, but it has been doing this ever since I installed the NPAS. Either the NPAS o-ring is too big, and is jamming in the brass cylinder, or it's something to do with the bolt assembly. The bolt sticks about 2" short of returning to full battery. Any ideas? Ben.
  7. Anyone looking for a PEQ15 and who doesn't want to pay the exorbitant VFC prices might do well to look at the BetaProject version. I got mine from eHobbyAsia. So cheap, with working laser (though I just use it for show). Holds up to recoil just fine. Ben.
  8. The ACM ones aren't better, but there are rumours that they are G&P OEM... So exactly the same. I had an ACM 4x32 with trades, and it was rock solid. The only thing is, as you've said, they don't have very good eye-relief. The recoil won't give you a black eye though (used it on my WE M16A3 for ages). I use a G&P AimPoint with my SCAR, and it has held up with no problems whatsoever. If you want a 4x32, why not look at those ACM Spectre DR things as well? Ben.
  9. Mine shot well in excess of this on green out of the box. Ben.
  10. Dungeon Keeper is pure win, I agree. Yes, from those newer pictures I can clearly see Husker and his cute Dumbo ears! Makes me want another rat now. Ben.
  11. You DO need an NPAS if you're going to play at a proper, safe airsoft skirmish site where all guns are chrono'd before play Ben.
  12. It was mentioned a few hundred pages back; the ACM one fits, so I assume the KA one will too. Does anyone know whether there is a PSG-1 style sniper grip that'll fit the WE M16/M4? I know they do them for AEG's, but not seen one for GBBR's. Ben.
  13. They have an 'export version' without foam as mentioned above, so I assume they ship to the US, but I could be wrong. Ben.
  14. Birthday 'Gz!

    Hope you're safe and sound - what with everything that's going on in Japan right now.


  15. needs someone handy with computers for a little advice on the matter...

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    2. FireKnife


      What have you done?

    3. faramon


      As fireknife said .. whut you done?

    4. L4byr1nth


      I haven't done anything! Lolz. I'm looking at getting a HTPC and wanted some advice on which one to get. Cheers for the link.



  16. I really should get a picture of my dad's Gibson SG that we restored from literally a shell... Bought for the princely sum of £75.00 last year Ben.
  17. They are gorgeous! Helo is obviously a Dumbo, but can't really tell from the pictures if Husker is as well? Also, does Husker have a Rex coat? Questions aside, those are two fine-looking rats. Gz! Ben.
  18. No-one know about the 6" recoil spring then? Ben.
  19. It was probably either straight propane or CO2... Or you're in a hot climate and don't have the reinforced hinge plate. Ben.
  20. Which recoil spring should I use for a 6" SD slide & chassis? Ben.
  21. is considering a TM Uzi - just to ###### off those people who think 350FPS is a necessity, not a limit...

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    2. Marlowe


      You mean it's not a necessity?

    3. L4byr1nth


      No Dan, no it isn't.



    4. Marlowe


      Oh whew. Glad my RPK does 365 now.

  22. Haven't had the cash to pick it up, but might well do in the near future. Ben.
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