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  1. Hi, Lots to sell. Open to offers on purchasing the Warrior maritime CIRAS + molle pouches or the Black Hawk Down themed gear as packages. Can collect from either Cambridge or Sutton Coldfield, or else happy to post if buyer covers cost. Cheers! Item Condition Cost (GBP) Sold 4 x magpul 5.56, OD As new 10 (for 4) Warrior double 5.56 pouch tan
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    think thyco means the mini dot
  7. Cant help you with the font I'm afraid, was under the impression that all G&P kits came with it. Vert grip is on a spare rail I had lying around, mounted to the bottom of the handguard with a longer version of the screws which normally just hold the handguard on.
  8. this one mate http://www.rsov.com/product.php?langId=1&currencyId=2&manufacturerId=&prodId=12566&cateId=74
  9. that cyma looks great chas! latest incarnation of my ebr
  10. Stunning! All the time and effort definitely payed off
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. Stock was made using the pepakura fiberglass method and the trigger is simply a momentary toggle switch between battery and gearbox, not the prettiest solution but it works. Cartet,i know exactly what you mean about the halo DMR, i thought the same when looking up pepakura techniques led me to all the halo forums. I roughly based the stock of the SSRS one, then just made it up as i went along. Call all be put back to normal with a couple of screws.
  12. Purists avert eyes now...
  13. Wow, some really nice pics there prince. Especially like the last one, looks almost genuine! Razor
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