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  1. If custom parts fit out of the box they wouldn't be very "Custom". :P

  2. I'd buy a set just for the hell of it. Should market those.
  3. Join me, and together we can destroy the evil polymer empire and bring balance back to the Real Steel thread.

  4. Don't you wish your midget was hot like me?

  5. Constipated angry goats on cocaine. Have you ever seen what happens when a bag of cocaine bursts inside a goats intestinal tract?! I have. The nightmares! The nightmares! Damn Cubans need to pick something stronger than a 20 year old Walmart bag if they want that *suitcase* to get here. Pancakes anyone?
  6. Yeager


    If you noticed the broken rule, and weapon before the girl I have some bad news for you.. Seriously, I didn't even see a gun in there until I stopped oogling the girl. Posed pictures get a pass for *suitcase* like that in my book.
  7. Thanks for the Taiwanese spam on MSN, Fix your virus scanner. K sell me deagle nao? XD

  8. You has status now! but also negative one. D:

  9. I bought mine back when they were going for 1,600 a pop. You can get E-4s now for 1100 or STGs for 900 OTD. I'd rather have the STG because an AUG just isn't an AUG to me unless it takes AUG magazines.
  10. Still wants your M16..

  11. Dem rednecks be trippin' all up in dis place huh yo? Ig-nance dawg.

  12. I see two or three rare pieces welded into the chairs and cube. The chairs, and animals are awesome.. the cube is just.. meh. They're making AKs every day, who cares if a few examples our of a million or so produced variation get chopped up and made into bad *albatross* chairs? I'd still buy one if they were available for purchase state side. (and replace the still functional slab sided mags in it with more common ribbed steel mags hehehe..) Hell, if Romanian AK parts kits were still $65 dollars a pop, I'd consider making a chair like this of my own. Sucks that to do it now would co
  13. Oh hai thar.

    There are several similar in condition brooms on GB right now if you want one. Or you could pick up a rust bucket, bead blast it, and send it off for straw bluing. :)




  14. Good luck finding a spare barrel and receiver to complete your new toy.
  15. Match grade trigger pack 3.5 lbs pull with a Nu-trigger unit in it. Much nicer than the factory one. I would give you a cookie, but I'm all out.. so here, take this Tomato instead.
  16. Meh, I really need to get rainmeter working again.
  17. Pdiddy? Trigga plz. I'll fill yo' entire hood full of hot brass if I have to! six fo' two-fiddy representin' from da west side yo now check out deeze gangsta beamz on my nine foo.

  18. Everything pictured except the AUG receiver and green stock set came in today. Can't wait for my matching black fore-grip, and charging handle to come in. Bonus points to the person who can tell me what the little black box sitting next to the gun is and why it's so important.
  19. Do you really think of me as Flava-Flav? Come now be honest with yourself. I know I'm pretty fly for a white guy but Flava-Flav?

  20. Soon I will dominate your chat box page thingy..

    Please come back? I promise I won't stuff you into the microwave again. *looking for scroll of resurrection*

  21. You have no status D:

  22. Futas > Traps


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