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  1. Constipated angry goats on cocaine.


    Have you ever seen what happens when a bag of cocaine bursts inside a goats intestinal tract?!


    I have. :mellow:


    The nightmares! The nightmares!


    Damn Cubans need to pick something stronger than a 20 year old Walmart bag if they want that *suitcase* to get here.


    Pancakes anyone?

  2. It helps when you have friends who are arms distributors, they can get all types of things.... BTW how much does the civvie version cost now, I might need to pick one up...


    I bought mine back when they were going for 1,600 a pop.


    You can get E-4s now for 1100 or STGs for 900 OTD.


    I'd rather have the STG because an AUG just isn't an AUG to me unless it takes AUG magazines. ;)

  3. As a mechanical engineering student, I find furniture made out of beautiful pieces of machinery to be a travesty and kind of insulting. I really hate art like this... some of those confiscated guns in the cube might even be historical pieces that belong in museums. There are all sorts of odd and unique guns that end up in the heat of conflict. <img src="http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />


    The cube is interesting, but for the reasons above I abhor it. It would be cool if it was a giant cube-shaped magnet that held all of the guns on it, but it isn't, so it gets the thumbs down.


    Don't get me wrong, I am an art enthusiast, I even like some modern art. However, these modern sculptures are kind of lame. All of the chairs look really uncomfortable, and has anyone heard of protective coatings? Christ, so much rust.


    I see two or three rare pieces welded into the chairs and cube. The chairs, and animals are awesome.. the cube is just.. meh.


    They're making AKs every day, who cares if a few examples our of a million or so produced variation get chopped up and made into bad *albatross* chairs? I'd still buy one if they were available for purchase state side. (and replace the still functional slab sided mags in it with more common ribbed steel mags hehehe..)


    Hell, if Romanian AK parts kits were still $65 dollars a pop, I'd consider making a chair like this of my own. Sucks that to do it now would cost upwards of 3K. :(

  4. ...


    Field strip of a real AK as per described in my RPK's manuel.


    1. Set gun to safe & check chamber

    2. Remove top cover

    3. Remove recoil spring guide

    4. Remove Bolt

    5. Remove gas tube by pulling up on locking lever

    "Further disassembly is discouraged"


    I can do all of the above with my Guarder AKM, so I don't see how it's unrealistic. : /

  5. Aw, is Grim mad that his 9 out of 39 AIMS kits is not that exclusive anymore? Aww. Just to be nice, I'll put a 5.45x39mm magazine in it and a 7.62x39mm muzzle!


    Ironically, I've got a 7.62x39mm muzzle brake on a 5.45 gun right now..


    It was advertised as being compatable with .223 too..









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