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  1. Avneet

    What's your backup?

    haha this sounds funny but I love doing it. I use my MK96 as primary when sniping with a TM G36C slinged under(and still to my back) on my right side and a KWA M9 on a thigh holster. I have the G36 there because i can just reach my hand back, pull the gun up and unload if there is an emergency like someone ambushing my close range. The pistol is for when im prone the the G36 on my back. I wear Tiger Stripe BDU and wear one of those Russian hats and use a Russian accent(even though im Indian ). Other days i'll use my german accent and yell in Deutsch so people get all freaked out. I guess you can call me a partly role player . P.S. The stock on my G36 is usually folded up so it's easy to handle. You get used to it, no hassle for me

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