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  1. It's a way of getting around the VRCA I suppose. Did I say 'get around'? I mean, 'fully comply'.
  2. Isn't the C7A2 basically an M16 with a sliding stock?
  3. 'Diemaco' was so much cooler. Maybe you could create a 'How to turn an M4 into a Diemaco' type of thread in the General Discussion? (Or this one could just be moved/renamed?)
  4. Oh okay! (I don't know what FDE is...)
  5. I'm not sure about the OD stock and the Tan magazine... but I like it!
  6. I don't mind the MagPull stock, but I personally prefer the look of the stock stock. (Haha, stock stock ) I had a really cheap LPEG G36c but gave it to my mate when I got a GBB. Within a week of giving it to him, the stock had "snapped off". I couldn't believe it! They are really good-looking guns.
  7. MultiCam: Jungle. Desert. Fence.
  8. That is very nice. And I like the make-shift magazine pulls!
  9. You gotta love that show. And the stacks of P228s used. However, not when you trying to explain it to somebody who's convinced it's called CSI.
  10. It's a thread for pictures related to Multicam. It's my pistol and my Multicam riflebag. Emphasis on the Multicam bit. EDIT: Thanks.
  11. As seen in the P226 thread. I guess this classes at Multicam!
  12. Stock TM. I believe that the best FMK for somebody on a student budget is the Gaurder? EDIT: I resized the picture because it was ridiculously large. It's still a bit big now, let me know if you want me to reduce it again.
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