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  1. The eBaybanned ambi selector fits perfectly
  2. The stock tube nut on mine is coming loose. Any tricks on how to tighten it up without a proper wrench?
  3. Just got my ambi selector from ebaybanned. Nicely made and fairly heavy, looks like steel. Easy to fit just push the old one out slowly, making sure the position peg and spring dont fall out. Slide in the new one and screw on the right side selector lever
  4. Great minds think alike perhaps
  5. Just a couple of pics of my finished rifle, apart from the ambi selector that i am still waiting for.
  6. so when i knock the old pins out i wont have any springs flying off no?
  7. I got a few more bits from ebaybanned today. The aluminium speed buffer is actually a hard recoil buffer, it is very well made, the same length as the AGM factory fitted buffer and it has a loose weight inside it to increase recoil, it actually works quite nicely. I also got another set of anti rotation links, and this time the screw threads are all ok, if anyone can write a guide on how to fit these i would be most grateful. Lastly i got one of these http://www.ebairsoft.com/style-rail-carbine-p-2185.html (daniel defence 9.5 fsp rail) i emailed ebaybanned before i bought it t
  8. Hey snorkleman, wouldnt be interested in selling me your AGM side lock plate would you? I really need a replacement
  9. The pro arms bolt didn't come with either fake ejector or bolt securing clip so i will put the agm bolt back for now. So if anyone has A spare agm White plastic bolt side clip please pm me and we can hopefully do a deal
  10. Well I fired a few more rounds though without it on and the gun jammed. A bb was stuck in the hop with a piece of White plastic. Upon inspection part of the tab on the opposite side that locks in to the bolt carrier has broken off. It's still secure but I'm going to need a new one. Now was it because the other tab wasn't on or was it the pro-arms bolt? Anyone that has replaced their agm bolt completely contact me. Good money waiting for one
  11. I have just fitted a Pro-Arms high power bolt to mine and all fitted nicely accept for the white tab on the nozzle end. It was a bit loose in the pro-arms bolt and when i fired the gun it came out. i have removed it and the gun is still firing fine and for the life of me i cant see what that piece actually does. will it be ok left off?
  12. Thanks mate. Ran it through google translate, doesnt make much sense but i now at least have an idea. The one from ebaybanned looks just like that one in the guide, i was very impressed with the quality, just hope it fits all ok . I had a reply back from Paul about the anti rotation link screws being too small and all he had to say was that he had tested them in several different type of guns. I will have to hunt around and see if i can find some screws small enough to fit, i think they are BA.
  13. They stop the trigger pins from rotating in the body. Has anyone got a guide or can point me in the right direction for replacing the hop unit. I have my one from ebaybanned and when my DD 9" ras arrives i will change them both at the same time.
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