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  1. hmm, my folks' PC was built with a WD caviar black 6GB/s drive and it's damn good. but i suppose actually looking at reviews they're not an awful lot better. as for RAID, i dont have any personal experience with it but i've got a couple of mates who swear by it. i did flick though an article about it a while back and i seem to remember decent performance gains, but i might be wrong.
  2. i'd always thought a good idea would be to put some sort of foam barrier between the IO panel and PCI-E slots and then stick a 120x12mm fan on the inside of the top cover to pull air off the graphics cards. i guess it wouldnt be worth it if you have conventional rear exhaust cards, but my GTX 460s have the asus directCU cooler and don't bolw the air straight out the back of the card. personally i'd go i5 over i7, you wont notice any benefit from the i7's hyperthreading in game (speaking as an i7 920 owner). i'd go sandybridge, those chips seem to overclock amazingly well. the GTX 560 doe
  3. fair play, there's no denying the effectiveness of the design. i think my ideal setup would be a lian li armoursuit PC50 running 3 fans (bottom for HDD, middle with ducting to the graphics cards and the top hooked up to an antec kuhler 920 water cooler). obviously i'd have to run an external optical drive, but i reckon having an external drive on the underside of my desk would be arguably more convenient. i love the look of the PC8FI but the PC50 wins functionality wise.
  4. aye, that's a nice case. shame about the window being on the right hand side of the case. there's no real reason they couldnt have spun the motherboard round to keep the window on the left hand side is there?
  5. have you actually looked into the level 10 GT? looks pretty pants to be fair. i'd probably go for a nice lian li if i ever decide to get rid of my CM690
  6. Black stone cherry- Blind man i've loved this track for years now, i'm really not sure why i've never bothered acquiring any more of their stuff.
  7. the RAS looks a little bit too sticklebrick/swiss cheese for my liking but its a cool gun either way
  8. SKisM - power before that, flux pavillion - hold me close im in a rather dubstep mood tonight
  9. any reason you didnt/couldnt weld it flush with the back of the receiver? it looks good, but i cant help it'd look more natural if it fitted flush.
  10. enter shikari- the jester. still the only track of their's that i actually like.
  11. the new hadouken track, palms in the air wasnt sure the first time i heard it, but its growing on me (like all of their new songs have). this one seems to be closer to the style of their first album, which is a good sign as mecha love and oxygen seemed to be straying a bit too far from their roots.
  12. i know you're clearly going for the 'as much RS as possible' approach, but whats wrong with the LCT one? you'll never get a genuine used and abused one, so i cant really see the difference.
  13. a vented steel heatshield would look great on that. or maybe a straight through AMD-65 gas tube, never seen that done before.
  14. ditto had rat race stuck in my head permanently for 2 days now
  15. sub focus - splash (rusko remix), as well as lots more dubstep probably the only rusko track i actually like, all his other work sounds like a fat man having a seizure in a bath full of pig *suitcase*
  16. Rancid- bloodclot think i'll have a punk night, i've been playing my dubstep and DnB collection to death recently and fancy a change.
  17. just listened through chimaira's impossibility of reason album now listening to X ray by sub focus
  18. excision's 2008 shambhala mix. downloaded a load of his stuff over the weekend, i've yet to find another dupstep producer that actually sounds good.
  19. i had a look at sandybridge earlier today. actually looks really good, and as you say the pricing is very reasonable. just a shame i cant seem to find any reviews with decent info relating to gaming performance (looks promising though). they seem to overclock really well too. cant see myself changing my i7 though, it gets the job done nicely and i have other things to spend my money on. annoyingly, i specced up a sandybridge i5 rig this morning and even with a needlessly expensive lian li case, GTX 570, 8GB of corsair vengence RAM and a pair of pricy WD caviar black 6GB/s drives it worked
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