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  1. Maybe its just a london thing , but you can really notice my generalisations when you drive through areas that are predominantly occupied by different races . Ie southall , golders green , south gate / green lanes , Stamford hill , Brixton , hounslow etc .

    Its a bit like going to other country's and noticing the change in driving styles , attitudes . I am not trying to generalise in a racist way or pick holes in people , its the fact it is really noticeable as people's road manners / driving styles change ,according to areas . . Its really noticeable with parking etiquette ,people giving way , and road rage ..


    fair play, i see your point. wasnt accusing you of racism btw, the crowd who start screeching "OMG DATS RAYSIST!" at the tiniest thing (often not even remotely racist) annoy me nearly as much as the actual racists.

  2. For me it's a trilogy in the sense that it's a buddy-cop/slacker/binge drinker movie, with one of them having to grow up massively with the other supporting them.


    yeah but it wasnt involving edgar wright, and it shows. paul is a completely different style of film, the cornetto trilogy seems to be all about smashing together genres and themes in a very british way (SOTD: rom com with zombies, hot fuzz: action cop films meet the wicker man in a quaint village). paul just doesnt have the same type of humor as SOTD, hot fuzz, spaced or anything else pegg, wright and frost have done together. not that its a bad film.


    I have noticed that nationality has a lot to do with how people drive in the uk , mediteraneans tend to be arrogant and hot headed , Jewish women tend to park badly or double park without a care in the world for other road users ,( probably due to the people carriers they drive ) the list goes on and on .


    bit of a generalisation there isnt it? could just say theres an awful lot of *suitcase* drivers about, i dont really think incompetence is exclusive to any race/gender/religion.


    i feel that this is very much gonna be a marmite thing, especially with the more stuck up and elitist metalheads. but i really love this. heard this band last week and have been really impressed with quite how original the end result is. several years ago i don't doubt that i'd have sneered at it, grime and djent are certainly an unlikely fusion, but thankfully i'm not the rather fundamentalist metalhead that i once was and have learned to appreciate all sorts of music. i think the vocals make it far more accessible than most djent, which can surely only be a good thing.


    edit: while typing this it went over onto:



    proper naughty bit of reverse bass! no idea how hardstyle has changed from the likes of this to what it is these days, shame really :(

  4. I think I would have been the only person still at my desk.  I couldn't give a *fruitcage* about the Royal family.


    I've never got phone recording at gigs.  Utterly mind boggling.  When you get home are you going to listen to some *suitcasey* recording you did on your phone or listen to some decent FLAC or something.  Perhaps it's for people that hate music.


    not sure i understand it either... i'm usually too busy actually enjoying myself properly!

  5. bit of an odd one, but i was listening to the radio 1 breakfast show this morning and nick grimshaw was saying about some time in the last few days he'd met the queen (in one of these formal introduction jobbies) and that the guy introduced him and there was a horrible awkward silence which he broke with a cheerful "heya, y'alright?" to which she just looked at him, ignored him and walked on.


    now i know there's all this *badger*s about 'you mustn't speak to the queen unless she speaks to you' but come one now! if someone you've just been intorduced to says hello to you, you don't glare at them and then blank them, it's downright *fruitcage* rude. I dont care who you are, that's just bloody rude. not sure why it struck quite such a nerve but it genuinely wound me up and has made me resent the royals that little bit more.

  6. Wow, how derailed is this thread :L

    Always the way to do it.

    Infectivity until you own the world or they start a cure, then focus on the killings

    nah, keep up with infecting people and keeping it low profile until you've got almost everyone infected. if you start racking up a body count as soon as the cure is started it will scare them into deploying more countermeasures and putting more into research. i'd completed all of them on brutal :)

  7. IKR. Greenland, Madagascar, New Zealand and the Philippines. Impossible to fully destroy on fungal mode so far for me...

    Ill keep trying and wasting time lol 


    fungus is quite easy IMO. quite early in the game get one or 2 of the fungal spore burst thingies since they only cost 1 or 2 DNA points, that way it should spread quicker. in general just focus on boosting infectivity and minimising symptoms, then once the whole world is infected you can unleash hell! 2 points in cold resistance is pretty much essential to infect greenland, 2 ranks in waterborne helps as well.

    also i generally find india is a good starting place.

  8. still needs more whub whubs though...... ;)


    oddly enough that night i did manage to get a half decent sounding transition between 190BPM hardtek and dubstep (well, a dubsteppy bit in another hardtek track), didn't think it would work at all but it sounded surprisingly good.


    wasn't quite so in the zone today but downloaded a bunch of early hardstyle tracks and i've been playing about with them. recorded a little 17 min mix with a handful of them just now, cocked up the timing on the last track's drop but overall i don't think it sounds too bad for someone who's only been playing about for two days and has been working with no real instruction or any advice.

  9. Borrowed my mate's USB MIDI controller to try my hand at mixing last night and i have to say i think i'm really getting the hang of it and im really enjoying it. it's funny really, i'd been getting the hang of trance but struggling with faster stuff like hardtek (which is what i'd really like to mix) and it just came to me all of a sudden out of no where, i just suddenly got a feel for it and i was in the zone. really quite pleased with myself, perhaps i've finally found something to be good at :)

  10. Wait you don't keep the disc in the case if it isn't in the consoles? :P


    I must admit I am one for it either being in the right case or in the console and nowhere else.


    As for me I have nothing to complain about really.




    i blame people who dont put things in the correct case. my ex's brother found it in one of his DVD cases several months later haha

  11. First time I have turned my PS3 on in about 6 months and I can't find the game I want to play! Got a feeling someone borrowed it back in KSA and I never got it back. I fancy post apocalyptic wasteland fun. :(


    hahaha, i did that a while ago, got really psyched up to finally start playing red dead redemption, opened the case... empty :(

  12. Couldn't make this up , my joke backfired on me a bit today . They didn't get a skirting board ladder but did find self tapping nails . Can be ordered in from a supplier ... You learn something new everyday !!!



    Plastic earthing tags , new currants ( currents ) for the battery , big shove , wooden pull cords , the list does indeed go on


    back when i was an apprentice sparky i was nearly got with "shoot down to the wholesalers and grab a 'long weight' for me", clocked it just before i left though :)  

  13. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else , chin up mate do everything you want to do . At least you won't get moaned at for doing it now ...


    as much as i appreciate your support it's not really as easy as flicking the switches marked 'happy', 'motivated' and 'self esteem'.

    oddly enough today i saw this pop up at the top of my tumblr dashboard: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/depression-part-two.html

    found it quite startling how accurate most of this is for me at the moment. either way, i've ordered a load of 5htp which should be getting here tomorrow i'll probably see how that goes for a month or so and see if it helps.


    Music is a good idea. Anything that lets you express yourself and is personal, is a good thing. Writing, be it music or stories (be it a novel, comic) I always find very fulfilling. I've spent many a night listening to old soundtracks and letting my imagination run wild. Just be careful, you can loose track of time (stayed up, all night long writing, a fair few times).


    i don't really have the creative capacity to create my own music (as much as i'd love to) perhaps if and when i get the hang of mixing tunes i could start trying to produce my own. at the moment my mind is pretty much silent, perhaps if i start to gain a better understanding of the music i love and can focus my mind then ideas will start flowing about again then i'll have something to work with. no change there then, i constantly lose track of time as it is, usually while sitting on the sofa staring at the wall or a blank TV screen. so frankly it'd be nice to lose myself in something challenging and creative for a change. i do think this might be the answer for me since it really feels like music is one of the few proper escapes i have, if i whack some sort of hard dance on it'll often put me on a massive high, almost feels like i'm on E and i'll often dance around my living room like a twat for a good half hour plus.

  14. Edit:- sorry to hear about people braking up. I would give advice, but tbh, we're all different. When I would brake up, or have someone brake up with me, I would go out and find an easy shag. Just to get back on the horse, so to speak. But, like I said, we're all different.


    Hope that you realise that the best thing to do, is make sure you're happy when single. It sounds weird, but it's one of the things I've always believed in. If I'm happy by myself, it doesn't matter if I find someone. Concentrate on yourself and what will make you feel good.


    I did say I wouldn't give advice, and what do I do. Typical hypocrite me.


    meaningless sex has never really appealed to me, only had a couple of one nighters in my life. frankly i'm just terrible at talking to women... well, people in general. mild aspergers syndrome :/

    i realise that it's important to be happy alone or in day to day life and that's whats been really getting to me recently. I just have no motivation and get very little enjoyment from anything, i mean i spend most of my time sitting about doing *fruitcage* all. i've got over a grands worth of gaming PC, a PS3, plenty of games for both and loads of other stuff i could be doing, but i just cant bring myself to do anything. been thinking of trying to learn to DJ/mix seeing as music is one of the few things i'm at all passionate about recently and it'd give me something to do, it'd be nice to do something creative too.

  15. well.......im now single........bugger me i need a drink


    im not enjoying it either, my last relationship ended this new years day. to be fair it's best that it's over, the last few months she was downright abusive at times. just makes me sad to think of how happy i was for the first year, happier than i've ever really been. i've felt pretty broken since to be honest.


    wouldnt be so bad if i was better with people. i've always struggled with social interaction, for quite a while she really helped me feel better about myself then over the last few months of the relationship just about all my confidence and self esteem was stripped away again. i'm probably happier with my physical appearance than i've ever been, it's just my brain holding me back.

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  16. On Wednesday I had toothache so I took some Nurofen and later on some more Ibuprofen, well within limited doses and nowhere near enough to feel any effects.


    Cue me waking up at 4am on Thursday, on the couch thinking I am going to be sick and other stuff all in one go while burning up, I get to the bathroom and do something I have never in my life done before, faint.


    I bounce my head off the sink, arm off the bath and leg off the towel rail, stagger up, fall out of the bathroom, crawl to my room and strip down to loose heat quickly, taking a glass of water with me, crawling to get it.


    After spending 24hrs in bed on Thurs-Fri, only drinking water and falling in and out of sleep I am now much, much better. However the biggest issue with this all? I have no *fruitcage* idea why this happened and my tooth is still in pain.





    i wouldnt have thought it would have been the ibuprofen. with paracetamol the difference between a therapeutic dose and a potentially harmful is relatively small, but ibuprofen is apparently safe at double the typical over the counter recommended dose (so 800mg as opposed to 400).


    it's funny when you get random things like that happen, last year i woke up one morning barely able to move from back pain. i've never had trouble with my back before or since then, but i woke up and was in agony as soon as i tried to move. was a little stiff the next day but it sorted itself out in under 2 days and hasnt been back. odd.

  17. OK, good points.  I will clarify.


    By Chav I do not mean "lower classes" I do however mean it pejoratively.

    You can't mock a gay person for being gay, it is not a choice any more than skin colour is.


    You can mock a chav for being a chav because it is a choice (the way I see it).  You can have a low income and a poor education and still be a nice person.


    by using the word gay as a general negative term i do not mean "in the manner of a homosexual"

    by using the word in this way, no one is being mocked.


    sorry to drag this up again, just thought that was rather hypocritical considering that you spent several posts telling me that derogatory terms are always offensive regardless of context 

  18. Baz, it doesn't matter what the dictionary definition of a word is.

    It doesn't matter whether the person who used the word meant offense.


    If someone is offended then the word is offensive.  Simple.


    Sure, some people are over sensitive but I don't think it is being over sensitive to ask someone not to put down an entire community of people.


    At an old job of mine I was not allowed to be called Ginge.

    Ginge is my name.

    It has been my name for 20 years.


    I was not allowed to be called Ginge because a lady who worked there had asked her colleagues not to call her that.


    Is she wrong? Not at all, she found it offensive.


    pretty much every word has the potential to cause offense if you're creative enough.


    i think it's a bit messed up that no one was allowed to call YOU ginge, if that's your moniker of choice. fair enough if she doesn't like being called it herself, that's somewhat understandable as it's being directed personally and points out a physical feature that perhaps she's somewhat insecure about. To be honest i'd probably never call a woman ginge anyway, it's pretty common for blokes to jokingly use mildly derogatory nicknames, not so much women.


    One of the key differences between your example and my example is that in the context i'm talking about using the word gay it's not actually directed at anyone. i wouldn't greet a gay person with "alright poof?" as it could easily be misconstrued as me kind of singling them out based on their sexuality. using gay as a negative adjective in a situation where sexuality does not enter into the equation is fine IMO as it's clearly being used to mean something else


    The use of gay by today's youth is different.

    What they are saying is this:

    PS3 is gay, being gay is bad, therefore PS3 is bad.


    That usage only works if you assume that being gay is bad.


    perhaps if you think in binary. 


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