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  1. Have PJs been seen using Omega rails? EDIT: Nvm a quick google search solved that. My mistake
  2. thats awesome where'd you get the khaki BDUs? are they LBT?
  3. what happend to ranger green?
  4. helmet looks kind of plain but then again i know nothing of KCT
  5. MM left the safty off!!!!! but anyway beautiful rifle!i love it!
  6. i cant remember the last time scoob posted a picture of a gun lol
  7. http://www.natick.army.mil/about/pao/2004/04-17.htm and now: http://tactical.beyondclothing.com/
  8. @tomo do you have anymore pics of the ACU/PCU combo?
  9. i ment the first one ive seen it from several groups of photos
  10. http://www.teamodd.se/gallery/airsoft/insp...WxM_ph.jpg.html http://www.teamodd.se/gallery/airsoft/insp...F-JTAC.jpg.html http://www.teamodd.se/gallery/airsoft/insp...oneif3.jpg.html seems like eagle RRV over paraclete HPC is popular
  11. whats the make of that CIRAS?
  12. skyflash thats a great loadout! i love it
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