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  1. I used ronseal walnut satin stain after i sanded off the origional varnish.


    But to be honest, it looks a lot better in that picture than in real life cause the wood kit i got wasn't really well made so the handguards are mishapen. Also, the job i did of re-finishing it wasn't too good cause the butplate doesn't sit flush with the stock now after the sanding. I should have used gloss stain aswell, not satin.


    Thanks for the comments though!

  2. ^That's a nice pair! Look great together in that picture. Made me want more DEs...


    Reminds me of that Batman movie where Twoface (at least i think that's his name) has a black gun for his bad side and a chrome one for his bad side. Is cool man!


    Edit: Is 'Batman: Forever' me thinks.

  3. How sweet of you to say so!


    The idea of sticking a snake on the end of a gun y' mean? I just thought of that whilst lying in bed. And I drew it by getting some pictures off google image search of a snake and colt python and kind of copied them and drew them stuck together.


    I was very bored that day... At least something came out of it though.


    Thanks for comments though. Much appreciated!

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