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  1. It is a higher version of it, called SPR/M4 1.93" Mount QD LT135. Basically the same, just a bit higher to clear peq. Atleast King-Arms makes a replica of it.
  2. And you are not seeing one now either. Its Systema TW5.
  3. Picture quality sucked on previous one. Also changed optic from aimpoint to eotech.
  4. Every post is a change to be smug. If someone has a good home for it, feel free to pm. Uzi has never been my favorite...
  5. Here is my block 2 pew stick's. And testing peq-14:
  6. TM/Zeke/RS Uzi I guess these are still quite rare? Atleast they were 10 years ago...
  7. Whitehawk


    Why did you have to mention the kit. It bothers me too! I hope this can make up for it though. Influence came all the way from Najaf...
  8. Whitehawk


    Tested my phones camera, something a bit more traditional: PTW based, GB-Tech kit.
  9. TM M870. Still waiting for some shell holders and SF weaponlight.
  10. LeeCustom thats awesome! I really like the choice of optics. I updated my MK18 optics also. EXPS3-2 + G23.
  11. Haha - Welcome to northern Europe. Gas guns allowed, but temperatures are too low most of the time.
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