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  1. My brief review: It's got a metal upper reciever, plastic lower reciever, the stock is solid. The bolt is metal, and does have a satisfying whack to it (it's not M14 but its nice enough). Shoots ever so well. The gun is very solid, no creaks anywhere. A very nice bit of kit.
  2. As Dusk said, it is entirely possible for higher voltage guns to cycle after the cut off lever has deactivated the current. This I believe is called Overspin. On normal guns single shot is achieved by a cam on the sector gear moving the cut off lever to knock the switch out at a certain point of the cycle, i.e just after the gear releases the piston. Add a high voltage and a turbo motor, you've got yourself a 2-3 round burst of semi. Same principle applies to the Type 89's burst mode. Every time the cam comes round it knocks an arm, which moves down a notch, after 3 movements the ar
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