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  1. Just a few from the sunday before last: Top row,second from the left. Im not actually waving at the camera man At the back again, carrying my M249 With the 249 on the right. Viral.
  2. If thats a CQB silencer i want to see the woodland one. Viral.
  3. Nope, never gets in the way and i can draw it just a little slower than a pistol from the position.Although you cant see from that picture i am actually quite tall so when i go to one knee it hangs 2-3 inches from the floor. Viral.
  4. TM M3 shorty in it's 'holster': Viral.
  5. The trigger guard is held in the right grenade pounch with the strap over the top, i can if i feel the need fit the top of the pouch ove the back. Viral.
  6. This has probably been answered many a time but I've searched and couldn't find anything, how long is an AK mag from point to point? Viral.
  7. From today's skirmish. That was a posed shot at the skirmish but the sky really was that blue. Viral.
  8. That 1911 is beautiful mate, how long did it take to do the slide? Viral. EDIT; forgot, can i have a parts list.
  9. Nice review,it would be good to get a be mp7 review up.Also Jaffa Cakes, Hobnobs and Pork Scratchings are on there way to you now. Viral.
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