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  1. renegadecow

    Your favorite silenced pistols

    For serious play I use a WE PMM. With the suppressor/barrel extender on it's good enough as a primary against rifles. For the lols I use an SRC 1908 pocket hammerless with a bottle up front.
  2. renegadecow

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Refinished a friend's badly rusted AK.
  3. renegadecow

    Artistic Airsoft

  4. renegadecow

    WE/Cybergun M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

    After carrying the weight of a real wartime M1A1, I have no intention of humping that for airsoft haha! Though mine could still use a steel outer barrel and with a piece of rebar in the oiler compartment adds maybe another 500g.
  5. renegadecow

    WE/Cybergun M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

    With BOG's kit and a sling mine weighs 3.08kg.
  6. renegadecow

    WE/Cybergun M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

    The stiffer floating valve spring works great! I didn't need all that much of a boost so just modified mine instead of buying after market ones. Stretched out an extra 30% in length and retempered yielded a good 10% increase in muzzle velocity, just enough so the bbs aren't as easy to dodge at a distance.
  7. renegadecow

    WE Hi Power MkIII

    When it comes to WE it's anyone's guess. Likely though they're just busy with the G3.
  8. renegadecow

    WE G3

    $390! Not bad at all!
  9. I just go with super glue + metal filings if the hole is too big. If it's too small, sand paper around a drill bit (smooth end) and a LOT of time and patience.
  10. renegadecow

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    Late reply but I think it's to provide consistent output in case of 1 or 2 barrels not being loaded. The valves will shut allowing sufficient pressure to build up in the barrels that are chambered.
  11. renegadecow

    Custom Gear

    Much thank! Meanwhile, I made Waffen SS sniper veils.
  12. renegadecow

    Snow Wolf Kar98

    I thought it was a rebrand at first but Snow Wolf's wood ver sells for as much as S&T's plastic ver.
  13. renegadecow

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    If you mean licensed, yeah. But I highly doubt Chiappa are the ones doing the actual production.
  14. renegadecow

    Grip Ideas

    Was thinking of doing this on rubberized grips that have started to rot off.

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