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  1. On the old one, the shelf the spring sits on has square corners. The reinforced one has rounded ones following the contour of the bolt carrier.
  2. I've been using CYMA rear sight blocks in my GBB builds and they come with very beefy leaf springs. I've also noticed they changed the support for it to have about as much material as real ones vs old cracked ones I used to see which were thin.
  3. I'm guessing they're having manufacturing issues with the mag. It's really overly complex than it has to be with the removable gas tank.
  4. So, Mach Sakai says srp is 9,800 yen or about $87.
  5. This one's with just the o-ring change. Blowback with the V3 kit is similar, but will empty 2 consecutive mags worth. (1) Raptor MP-443 fix. Details in comment : GasBlowBack (reddit.com)
  6. May as well put one on a stock like an LMG monopod
  7. Raptor - Posts | Facebook Got my V3 upgrade which they sell as a kit through FB. Biggest change is the cup for a piston lid but they've also shortened the trench for valve knocker lock reset so it's not overgassed anymore which helps against cooldown. They also threw in a redesigned trigger bar. A common complaint with the original is the long pre-travel which you'd normally expect for a DA/SA gun. The new trigger bar has the break at around the middle, but as soon as the slide resets the sear, the trigger keeps going back like a long follow through which takes some getting used to.
  8. It's got hop-up for .12g-.20g, and can be fanned implying the hammer is mechanically connected to piston release. No info on srp or release date yet, but expect it to be in between their basic GBB and other spring revolvers (my guess is around $80).
  9. Barrel length: Cavalry = 7 1/2" Artillery = 5 1/2" Gunfighter = 4 3/4" While these are being touted as "pro series air revolver" (the first in this line), it's more to do with build quality as power is well under 200fps.
  10. It does. I'm not sure how the science behind it works, but it really just does.
  11. Meaning the whole thing. GHK 660g vs real 630g. While something like a WE is around 800g which is like it was loaded. FWIW Tiger111 has a pic of the mag from below and I was right: sheet metal case with a cylindrical pressure chamber inside. So in theory you can cram the corners with molten lead or something and get maybe another 100g in.
  12. They went for the Glock's empty weight. So I'm guessing those mags are built like their rifle mags with a sheet metal outer shell and aluminum tubes holding gas.
  13. I've noticed for a while now that the guide rails were getting beat as they're what meets the slide at end of travel. Doesn't seem to affect the gun, but I couldn't shake the thought of the strange cuts on the slide and imagine they must have been made for some kind of buffer inserts. So I cleaned the area out and glued on sections of o-rings in them. No idea how long this will last, but it does seem to work. Also with the reduced rearward travel, the slide has less acceleration when hitting the slide catch. I've read of one case of the slide catch bending due to this force though the guy use
  14. Mechanically, sounds like a re-shelled Walther SG9000. Which is a good thing because boy were those ugly.
  15. Just a bit of an update: my replacement piston o-ring failed. Actually, I've been expecting it since 2 other friend's I gave them out to failed first. It's a cheap o-ring that I guess somehow swelled from absorbing silicone oil (good quality NBR shouldn't do this) and started to want to pop out when the nozzle clears the piston resulting in it jamming. I could have glued the o-ring down to anchor it in place but decided to explore other o-ring sizes since the first one I tried isn't very easy to find. The closest US size I got is #13 and is very common but it's a hair too small causing a leak
  16. Check if the auto sear still actually works independently. If it does, check if the bolt is able move the transfer bar far enough to trip the auto sear. If it doesn't, check for obstructions in the chamber that can block the bolt from going forward far enough. Then check the surface of the bolt that hits the transfer bar. Lastly check the transfer bar if it's bent and see if you can bend the protrusion back far enough to make it work again.
  17. Western Arms' old M4 mags. Had a series of chambers making it possible to shoot even upside down without spewing liquid.
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