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  1. Just a bit of an update: my replacement piston o-ring failed. Actually, I've been expecting it since 2 other friend's I gave them out to failed first. It's a cheap o-ring that I guess somehow swelled from absorbing silicone oil (good quality NBR shouldn't do this) and started to want to pop out when the nozzle clears the piston resulting in it jamming. I could have glued the o-ring down to anchor it in place but decided to explore other o-ring sizes since the first one I tried isn't very easy to find. The closest US size I got is #13 and is very common but it's a hair too small causing a leak
  2. You've seen what I do with AKs, right?
  3. Lens protector I made myself. Just friction fit and rests against the block holding the prism in.
  4. Just when everyone thought I was done messing with PPS shells. Not really sure if this still counts as a shotgun since it doesn't technically shoot bbs. Instead the whole vog body is launched, though rather anemically. Will work better with APS CO2 shells no doubt, or maybe I'll install inner barrels in a few of them to shoot bbs just to mix things up. Firing vid https://imgur.com/5MyBqwi
  5. Essentially spud guns, 3x the payload of usual moscarts at zero cost with used bbs and a bike pump.
  6. Got a Double Bell GP-25 for the Well AKMS
  7. Revolver and S&W threads archived so this goes here. TM M19 with real grips
  8. It will take a 138mm GBB/VSR barrel but open or closed window will depend on the rubber you use. No after market chambers, but rubbers are same GBB/VSR spec.
  9. The barrel has a 11mm female thread so you'll need WE's suppressor or an 11mm to 14mm adapter to fit most other suppressors. I can't remember for sure the brand of the can I have on (they're kinda generic) but I think it measures 30x110mm.
  10. Done transforming this Well GBBR. Used a mix of WE and CYMA parts, WE mags, and handguard I made myself.
  11. Inner barrel and hop rubber are proprietary but it does remind me of the barrel set ups of the first gen WE GBBRs, may even be compatible but I doubt anyone is still selling parts for those.
  12. A19 does look like the delayer. But may as well check the valve knocker itself (A13) if it's broken or one of springs
  13. Makarov. And the coins are chocolate. I don't know if it's the same everywhere but locally the TTI Wick guns have been a growing fad to the point of cringe and this is a parody of the situation.
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