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  1. If that AKM receiver is still pot metal, I'm out. Edit: Also vtuber is probably just Marui guy
  2. Well I'll be. 2 guns in 1 ep haha
  3. I've been stuck at home for 2 months now
  4. Sadly, too small. Tried with a vest pocket hammerless and I'd have to chop the barrel down to the chamber to fit.
  5. Unconfirmed price for the LCP is ¥6480
  6. I'm looking at the top of the mag and it reminds me of the old WA system. Fairly light/smooth trigger pull on those since it doesn't move the whole barrel assembly backwards like anything Marushin designed.
  7. Disappointed it's NBB, but an NBB from Marui? That still counts for something. Still want.
  8. I can stick em in places and make it go boom
  9. After seeing what WE did with their CT25, anything's possible. That mag is about as big as a Bic lighter but manages to squeeze out 30+ shoots.
  10. Marui making an LCP!

  11. How's it holding up? Had the older polycarbonate version which they managed to make even more fragile than the stock abs.
  12. That the new nylon Guarder kit?
  13. At the empty lot next door because quarantine.
  14. Made something for the reenactors (it's a wallet)
  15. AFAIK DH mod = modifying GHK mags (just the o-rings really) to take injected CO2, not capsules. Capsules are junk.
  16. You get a larger air pocket with the back oriented since liquid only fills to the end of the full valve. Same as how mags with long fill valves will hold less vs one with short ones.
  17. Doesn't a back oriented fill valve limit the amount of liquid you can get in a mag (especially narrower pistol mags) vs bottom oriented?
  18. Just a small update. For a time my Thompson has been disconnecting in full auto unless I push forward on the handguard. Nothing seemed out of order and I surmised that sheer inertia was tripping the disconnect after its spring had worn down some. Pushing forward merely cushioned the blow of the bolt. I couldn't replace the spring outright with a stiffer one as it's in a balance between being stiff enough to hold the disconnect and soft enough to be tripped by the bb follower. To cut things short, I just had to stretch the spring (part no. 66) out by 10° and retempered giving it just a little m
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