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  1. Yup built from scratch and for way too long edit: I thought I uploaded more than one pic
  2. Was thinking about that, but I've already got it running well enough with just the right size o-ring.
  3. Got this on one of my mags but only on the last shot. Basically the bb follower was too high so the last shot only dealt a glancing blow to the valve. If it's happening all the time, could be a broken valve hold-open/delayer.
  4. Element clone of a Princeton Tec Switch Rail
  5. UPDATE: It appears there may be something off with the green gas (Guarder) I used being old and nearly empty when I did the tests as well as the chronograph being dirty (I use GBBs almost exclusively and silicone oil + dirt may have built up on the sensors. Having gotten new gas (Puff Dino 12kg) and cleaned the chrono, the Makarov measured 262fps while the Grach did 277fps on .20g bbs. Also, decided to try out shortening trigger travel to resemble the position in single action mode. Instead of drilling the frame and inserting a pin to block the trigger, I simply fashioned a piece of abs p
  6. Totally forgot to talk about external finish. The slide and frame are painted and very thinly so it's not going to take long for holster wear to set in. The frame in particular is pretty rough with seam lines and even flash from casting that I had to break off which is how I found about the paint thickness. The gray on the controls and magazine seem different however, almost like a phosphate finish and wear more evenly, but still relatively thin.
  7. I remember it was the early 2000s, the familiar screeching of a dial-up modem. I log in to world.guns.ru and there's a new entry by Maxim Popenker: the Pistolet Yarygina (PYa), MP-443 or "Grach" by its project codename. It was the 80s all over again. But still this was leaps and bounds considering the last official service pistol of the Russian Federation, the Pistolet Makarova (PM), dates back from the 40s and virtually unchanged. Nearly two decades later and they're still in the process of transitioning to the Grach mostly because they had made too damn many Makarovs. And it's only now that
  8. Not mine, only made the grips. Also not a 1911 but the 2011 thread is archived.
  9. Given the number of rounds needed for it to break and the few instances it's at least been reported, they probably don't think it necessary to redesign.
  10. FWIW Desert Eagle uses polygonal rifling and has a small crown. What WE did is the bore at the crown is closer to .50AE at 12mm (using calipers so a proper bore gauge may read 12.5mm) then it tapers down to the undersized fake conventional rifling. Would be easier to ream out the fake rifling smooth as polygonal rifling is hard to perceive anyway.
  11. That's a respectable amount of arm jiggling on someone who doesn't have all that much meat on his arm to begin with.
  12. Not really sure on the status of metal pistols like WE. For a while they were practically flooding the market until the point where they were supposedly prohibited from importation. But I know some still find their way in and are available, just not out in the open like how you can get green gas there under the table or something like that. It's really just the local manufacturers where they implement it strictly otherwise we'd already see metal slided TMs.
  13. So a friend of mine translated the AKM video and Marui rep says the receiver will be made of cast iron and the magazine a solid piece of aluminum. Cast iron sounds like MIM to me, better than zinc but still not quite stamped steel. Apparently the reason why they don't do steel is that they're legally not allowed to make receivers mostly out of steel much like how they can't make pressure bearing components on hadguns out of any metal.
  14. More stoked by the P3AT tbh
  15. AKM is short stroked. Double sad.
  16. If that AKM receiver is still pot metal, I'm out. Edit: Also vtuber is probably just Marui guy
  17. Well I'll be. 2 guns in 1 ep haha
  18. I've been stuck at home for 2 months now
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