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  1. It's just a mock up, now a meme. To really work I'd have to cut the shells down the size of Aguila Minis which leaves them to hold 1bb. Box mag will be ditched as the magwell width itself is barely enough to fit the shell rim. Manually operated slide of course, but to make it cycle automatically I'm thinking of plugging the barrel and making the shell and chamber act as the nozzle and blow back chamber.
  2. Quick question: are the charging arms for the tactical and breacher models interchangeable? I need to order a pair for a breacher but all I can find are labeled specifically for the tactical model. edit: NVM. A quick look at exploded diagrams and the breacher is totally different. Here's hoping I can just bodge the tactical ones in.
  3. Have a mind to make the Sedgley glove gun. The gas compartment without the shell is pretty small.
  4. I've had them for quite a while. It's just lately that I've been figuring out how to stick em in places where they shouldn't be.
  5. https://www.guns.com/news/2017/05/14/richardsons-philippine-guerrilla-gun-a-gun-to-get-a-gun
  6. Refinished a friend's badly rusted AK.
  7. After carrying the weight of a real wartime M1A1, I have no intention of humping that for airsoft haha! Though mine could still use a steel outer barrel and with a piece of rebar in the oiler compartment adds maybe another 500g.
  8. With BOG's kit and a sling mine weighs 3.08kg.
  9. The stiffer floating valve spring works great! I didn't need all that much of a boost so just modified mine instead of buying after market ones. Stretched out an extra 30% in length and retempered yielded a good 10% increase in muzzle velocity, just enough so the bbs aren't as easy to dodge at a distance.
  10. Late reply but I think it's to provide consistent output in case of 1 or 2 barrels not being loaded. The valves will shut allowing sufficient pressure to build up in the barrels that are chambered.
  11. Much thank! Meanwhile, I made Waffen SS sniper veils.
  12. I made a thing. Also selling them on Etsy
  13. Thanks. I use a metal rod as a mandrel with a vise grip holding one end of the spring and a flat piece of PVC with sized holes and a screw on the edge as a wire guide. I turn it by hand, going slowly to make sure the coils get the proper tension and negative angle so they're compressed tightly against each other. After the needed number of coils is reached I reverse is slowly to ease off tension then cut the ends. For compression springs I stretch it out by hand, sometimes using a rod or screwdriver shaft as a spacer towards the ends then temper.
  14. So I tried lowering my ROF today by making a new spring instead of cutting coils. New one on top just shorter by 3-4 coils, but made of 0.8mm wire vs 1.0mm on the original. ROF dropped to 660rpm and so did muzzle velocity to around 300fps, but I also encountered occasional light strikes and a very strange condition where it would consistently disconnect the sear in full auto making it fire in semi unless I put forward and upward pressure on the handguard while firing. I put the original spring back and it was shooting normally although the magazine valve got stuck forward. Opening the valve ap
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