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  1. My Krag for now. Will be building a Lebel or RSC 1917 by next year.
  2. It's like a built in gas mask. All you need are goggles.
  3. They're just printed but I made a few variations in tone just so they don't all look the same. Also I ended up making more than the pouches can hold. Literature says 5 packets a pouch but I can only cram in 3.
  4. Cartridge pouches arrived in the mail so I'm making cartridge packets.
  5. French M1892 bread bag
  6. If anyone's looking to put a suppressor on their CT25, KYairsoft has threaded barrels. Because of how little noise the tiny slide makes, there's definitely a big change with the can on.
  7. I guess I could but just don't like the idea of modifying the optic base in case I end up deciding to sell it. At this point I think I'd just wait for KYA to stock L6 barrels.
  8. I just finished reading the google docs link you sent and was wondering how you were going to disseminate all that information. Was going to suggest breaking it into parts and make it a video series on YouTube.
  9. My NCStar handgun scope will probably go in with its rings but that stays on my XP-100. Ended up getting these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33024191796.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.3c3c4c4dtLO2Zs
  10. Decided to finally deepen the grooves on mine and while waiting for the touch up paint to dry I find out pretty much nothing will fit anyway unless I cut a 3rd groove in the middle.
  11. It's just a mock up, now a meme. To really work I'd have to cut the shells down the size of Aguila Minis which leaves them to hold 1bb. Box mag will be ditched as the magwell width itself is barely enough to fit the shell rim. Manually operated slide of course, but to make it cycle automatically I'm thinking of plugging the barrel and making the shell and chamber act as the nozzle and blow back chamber.
  12. Quick question: are the charging arms for the tactical and breacher models interchangeable? I need to order a pair for a breacher but all I can find are labeled specifically for the tactical model. edit: NVM. A quick look at exploded diagrams and the breacher is totally different. Here's hoping I can just bodge the tactical ones in.
  13. Have a mind to make the Sedgley glove gun. The gas compartment without the shell is pretty small.
  14. I've had them for quite a while. It's just lately that I've been figuring out how to stick em in places where they shouldn't be.
  15. https://www.guns.com/news/2017/05/14/richardsons-philippine-guerrilla-gun-a-gun-to-get-a-gun
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