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  1. Actually, mine works fine on the stuff (27°C) and fully cycles to work the bolt stop. Others here have also reported same. Its just that 134a is relatively more expensive so I'd rather modify the gun to shoot lower on cheaper green gas.
  2. Dislodged o-ring perhaps? Happens sometimes on handgun mags, why not on a rifle. EDIT: VVV Depends on what floating valve is installed which would set its power output. Right now there are two kinds (high and low). If from where you're gonna buy your M4 says it shoots 330~350 then that's the low one and is what you're looking for. There are also self implemented modifications you could do to further restrict the power like jamming something behind the floating valve effectively making its opening smaller. I just inserted a 5mm x 1.5mm o-ring in mine as I can't open up my nozzle to cha
  3. I noticed that too. The prototype pics have the steel nozzles with fully open floating nozzles. Lower settings are likely to be achieved with the restricted one. As much as I'm delighted in hearing the potential that CO2 set has, I realize I'll have fewer places to be able to use them in other than shooting paper. And a little contribution on my part. The Dboys M203 (3-in-1) launcher fits using the G&P attachment although you have to grind down some material on the bracket to make it properly QD.
  4. Out of curiosity, what sort of fps did you get without it?
  5. Socom Gear replied. "Hi chucky There are some info that is our trade secret. But our n4 is the same as we m4. (Ver 2) Thanks Socomgear" I have no idea what that means.
  6. Thanks WETTI, I'll try mailing Socom Gear. Sweet news on that new bho lever. And about the lever, mine seems to have killed itself while I was overly fascinated about its function, and no more than a day old to boot. I found that the lever engaged against the bolt with such little area that both surfaces eventually became rounded and would slip, failing to catch on empty unless I physically pull the lever outwards. The parts are small so my camera wouldn't help, though I did sketch up almost exactly how little the two parts met. Was wondering if this part failure happened to anyone else.
  7. I just got my WE M4, well, not really. What I got is Socom Gear's Noveske N4 GBB. I've brought it down to user-level maintenance take down and everything pretty much looks the same with the WE M4, as most have already suspected. What I'm still speculative about is that in some sites, the Socom Gear N4 is said to be equipped with stronger internals. I know the bolt stop just passed the magnetic test, but I have no way in telling what other parts, if any, are made stronger. To WETTI: Would you kindly clear up what your arrangement with Madbull/Socom Gear is with regards to the M4 GBB? I h
  8. I know butane has a higher vaporization temp then propane and would mean lower pressure. Pure butane in a GBB puts out even less than 134a, pressure wise; I've tried it. Having different mixes per brand would probably be the reason why their power output also varies.
  9. About part #59, isn't having sharp bends on metal actually weaker than say having it rounded a bit? Any force exerted on the bent prongs might just get focused on the fold itself. If it were radiused (like the cylinder window mod on a V2 gearbox) the forces are dispersed. Also, spring steel would be loads tougher.
  10. About the sound, is there enough space between the recoil piston and the wall it hits to insert two thin metal discs with foam padding? What I'm trying to get at here is to stick on the discs so that the metal parts will be hitting each other to create a metallic sound while the foam protects the piston and the wall it hits by dampening the force. And if its not permissible (added material may cause the whole GB to lock up) would it be feasible to shorten the push rod to accommodate the added material?
  11. Congratulations to Gunfighters, AnakChan, and that guy from Japan who made a review of the gun a day after it was released. You all have convinced me to burn a sizable hole in my wallet and right through my pants. On the recoil, the impulse only starts after the shot is made and the BB would have cleared the barrel by then. Initial shot accuracy should be the same as with any regular AEG. Now, follow up shots, thats something else.
  12. Purely electric but the recoil mechanism is inside the buffer tube. Its lowcaps hold pretty much nothing but the BBs inside as well as the bolt stop follower. But I was referring to how their lowcap mag can be switched between lowcap and realcap to cater both milsim enthusiasts and people who just don't like hicaps without having to make two different mags.
  13. What they should do is copy Marui's sopmod M4 mag. Holds plenty (60+) for not so milsim and can be modified on the fly to turn into real caps (30).
  14. PP-19-01 Vityaz Documented HERE
  15. If the original finish is painted, you could dip it (metal parts only please) in paint stripper then attack it with a mild steel brush. Then scrub it with a scouring pad and finally polish with metal polish and a rag. It did ok with my CA 1911 barrel at least, which is also die-cast. If its anodized or electro-plated, skip the stripper and go straight to the steel brush. If you don't want it very shiny, stop at the scouring pad with uni-directional strokes. Whoops, failed to notice you wanted it in a darker shade. In which case just use a scouring pad. It will give you a brushed eff
  16. Thats pretty strong considering how cold it is where you are. I can't make a definitive test on the Bell but I have a buddy who attested that his plastic version Bell 1911 (on green gas) shot just about the same size groupings at 10m as my Marui Detonics (on 134a) which was about 7~10".
  17. Its 24°C in humid Manila, I'm slightly feverish from the flu (again!) and my green gas is about to run out. The nearest store was depleted of their stocks of gas so I decided to do some paper tests. Firstly, the only modifications I've done to the gun so far is clean the internals, polish the outer barrel, and install a recoil buffer as it didn't come with one. Tests were made shooting in the sitting position with a two handed soft arm rest. Makeshift BB catcher: hinged a-frame for storage and a 150W halogen spot light What it looks like 10m out, the paper measures 8 1/2" x 13".
  18. Introduction: I finally got myself a CA 1911 after months of on-again-off-again struggling desires to pick one up and see what I can do with it. I was surprised to see that the newer ones CA has been churning out has trades, well, not really surprised. They’re just laser engraved and none too pretty. I didn’t receive mine in a box however I’ve seen what it looks like and its not much: just a plain brown corrugated cardboard box. Inside is the pistol, one mag, a small box of bbs with the impression that it holds real .45ACP, a cleaning rod and a plastic bushing wrench. First Impr
  19. Page 17 and 35. Though both are against large revolvers. You could also look for pics of the 8 1/3" version against any gun and just cover off half the barrel.
  20. I was thinking a gun with a larger magazine (4.3 dual stack) would hold better against cold compared to ones with smaller mags (detonics single stack) since objects of greater mass would have a higher capacity in containing energy. I have to stress another point though that in the Detonics manual, Marui brags about some new system put into their mags for better efficiency (not found in government 1911 but implemented in the MEU). If this is true, the MEU should hold better than everything else. On the topic of cold mags, anyone try a Zippo pocket warmer to heat mags?
  21. I'd smear some red paint where the transfer bar would make contact with the mag, insert the mag, pull the trigger a few times and see if the paints been rubbed or chipped off. You could start fiddling with the bars' orientation as its simply bent into shape, seeing what angle will free it from binding. You could also sand/grind down on the surface that's making contact but I'd put that as last resort.
  22. Great review, even though the verdict was that its garbage. I reckon the transfer bar on the trigger is binding against the magazine so it disconnects when you put the mag in but works without it.
  23. Great, just when I've convinced myself of getting one after doing a western DVD marathon. The SAA has been removed from Tanakas website, if thats any indication of a ban.
  24. Zastaba M22 from Ghost in the Shell http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=138139
  25. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=153706 Not very high for what its worth. I use green gas on mine regularly but I find using 134a to give more consistent fps. The limited wood grip version is out btw, but the wood does not deserve the $60 markup.
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