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  1. I didn't find my paint job quite shiny enough so I gave it an extra coat and polished it until I got a cramp. The extra coat messed up with the action but I got it to work in the end.
  2. Lego http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...141268&st=0
  3. Was curious about the metal polish bit and decided to try it for myself. Problem was of course that my handgun is in flat black and doubt if that would shine no matter how many hours I polish it. I painted it gloss black first since the metal parts were already faded from use, then attacked it with rubbing compound. Everything was going well until some spots of the metal parts flaked off. But overall, I think it went well.
  4. My new and stock Detonics .45. Won't be for long though. It also took me a while to look for suitable props to go with the gun (check out the analog mobile!)
  5. Short, pistol grip versions just came out in black and stainless (both in 6mm or 8mm). http://www.gunnerairsoft.com/catalog/produ...products_id=956 http://www.gunnerairsoft.com/catalog/produ...products_id=959 Makes me want one all over again, hoping that these new ones are less likely to break.
  6. Thanks. Yes, I used an M14 as base as it was the common suggestion in the projects thread. The other was that I buy a $290 springer and somehow fit a gearbox in it.
  7. Ruger AC556F. If its good enough for a crack team of commandos from Nam, its good enough for me.
  8. Hey, now thats authentic. You really do need to load those from the front (but what of the gas?)
  9. I know I'm knee deep in projects now, but I'm becoming more and more attracted to buying one myself and make it into a skirmishable piece. Firstly, as its easy enough to remove the internal magazine from the gun, would you think it feasible to custom build a new magazine (easy detachable or not) that holds bbs instead of shells? This would eliminate the "wheres my brass?" problem. As for performance, I'm sure theres an easy way in fixing it short of cleaning everything inside. The same sucky performance came from the L96 clone until a lot of fanatics (myself included) bashed skulls and sol
  10. Its good to see that I'm not the only one guilty of raping a Glock from excessive boredom. So heres mine (again, but different): As you can see, untouched, Glocks can get plainer than a cardboard box. But put in a little work in it, some bling, gold fur and voila! The stock folds btw.
  11. Fairly robust, more so than the FAMAS. You get a little squeek, but about as much as a stock TM AK. No new versions of the TM Uzi, but they are still in production I believe (mine came with an updated catalog). For parts, theres leonardinjapan@hotmail.com. Gets them straight from Marui and shipped to you.
  12. Great looking saddle bag you have for the BlackHawk. Too bad the guns still too big to fit in the photo.
  13. I reckon the two guns are the same externally: both mini Uzis with 25rd mags. And to add to the list, I've just recently upgraded my Uzi with optics. I had to make the mount from scratch myself since I didn't want to drill holes on my top cover. PVC + segment of an M4 top rail = Uzi side mounted rail The engraved "UZI SMG" literally took an hour of nervous dremelling!
  14. Its QC problems with china stuff. Theoretically they (motors) can pull the hard stuff, but a lot of them still do burn out or aren't wound properly to even pull stock springs for long. They'll get better at it, definitely, but so will the price. Anyhow, more on the mill-your-own H-bar, it's not all that costly to have a front set machined from scratch aluminum stock. It would be expensive to have the whole barrel assembly made, but you could always go the barrel extender route ala Guarder RPK.
  15. Took a while for the 'artistic' shot to come into fruition.
  16. As this picture thread is badly in need of pictures: (title needs editing too. no such Mk1 exists in GBB) edit: sorry, forgot the details. KJW Mk1, put a home made integral silencer on it (pvc) and also home made target grips.
  17. Ruger (KJW) Mk1SD Target model Home made barrel and grips. Problem is that even though its got an integral silencer on now, it acts like a loudener than anything else. I don't know why I put the Exorcist as my bg, but it looks the part for some reason.
  18. I disagree. The Uzi says 'man' and not 'cool'. Says so on the box Here's a couple of pics that puts me in the club. Nothing special though (even though an Uzi is special enough as it is) but I'll get some artistic shots to follow, that is as soon as I pry my brothers D80 off his hands.
  19. I've been told that the inner barrel of the 10.5" is the same with the 8.3", so expect similar performance.
  20. Its already got a rail mounted on the barrel, making attaching optics easier, plus the sling swivels will be a help. Otherwise, for non-PC 500s you'd need to buy a real steel rail mount ($90) plus a holster if you don't want to hold-on to it all of the time.
  21. I'm really hoping that you used .25g bbs when yours clocked at 230fps average.
  22. Heres my G18C. Its special that it makes every other Glock look beautiful in comparison. My paisley shirt isn't helping much is it?
  23. Whats with the excitement? All it looks like is a ghetto SCAR.
  24. My perfect backup! Despite being a bit pathetic, but fun none the less. I've been using my S&W 500 magnum as primary for some time now but never found a good backup gun for it, not that I really need one but due to lots of complaints about insane-range kills and peek-a-boo headshots. Then I thought: only a revolver befits a revolver. So I picked the weakest of the bunch, also the cheapest since I blew off cash on the fancy bag and real steel rear sights on the Tanaka. Shao, please stop posting pics. I'm broke enough as it is.
  25. And I was wondering why you have Ocelot for an avatar.
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