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  1. Thats Russian technology to you. They aren't the standard 20mm or picatinny rails as promoted by the west. Right now, the only things you could stick to that rail is any of the PSO series of scopes, and the side mounted 20mm rail adapter by VFC. WGC has them me thinks.
  2. TM AK47 with my own wood 74 furniture. But check out my grips.
  3. I've been refraining from adding my own AUG pics thinking that I had already done so before. But now that I recall, it was the austrian load-out thread. So just to put my gun where it would fit better: AUG C30
  4. Both my SVU and M76 are made of wood. The synthetic finish on the bullpup is mostly due to drenching in varnish before painting with textured Krylon. At least for me, its an easy alternative to fiberglass and it works well. I made the kit of the Zastava on an AK being easier to make than gutting out a real one and fitting with AEG parts. So yeah, its a ######, but a pretty one. The foregrips seem longer than normal because its on the receiver of an AK, which is considerably shorter than an M76.
  5. Just adding this here as its graduated from the projects board. I've also decided on keeping it so the red sticker isn't there anymore. Edit: almost forgot to post my Zastava.
  6. Not an A3 folding grip. Just a G&P folding grip. A lot of people stick it on M4s and whatnot, but it really looks made for the AUG. I fabricated the foregrip shroud. Its just heat-molded PVC. Strong stuff and keeps with the synthetic look. I initially wanted something like an A3 look, but I deviated after about 5~6 prototypes and finaly came up with this one. Its loosely baised on an Anime gun from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, the Seburo C30. I changed the under-barrel GL into a tac light.
  7. Wonderfully done AUGs here, me thinks. I shall add mine then. Don't mind the color of the first pic. My brother was screwing around with his dslr and so that came out.
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