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  1. Just the pin through the trunnion but it's advisable to drill and tap the trunnion for a grub screw VFC style to mitigate barrel wobble.
  2. How many rounds has it been through before it started going full auto?
  3. Klunked down for the Black Owl Gear walnut kit. The exchange rate is only worsening and since I was determined in getting it anyway (around Christmas) I thought I may as well get it now.
  4. Used well expired fabric paint to dirty up the fur but didn't take probably from being synthetic. Pouches are a type 63 harness.
  5. I think I have all of that covered
  6. Only a water gun. But it sure is making the gears in my head turn for the prospect of a bb firing version.
  7. They'll always look bad to whoever's doing it lol. Honestly, they look great. I have the same set, you'll only really need a veiner and a sharp chisel or xacto knife on top of that for most jobs.
  8. Haven't used it for the longest time, but ok. Also after getting real Zenitco for my AK I thought I'd try running it basic for a change.
  9. Pretty clean lines, and bordered too (I hate doing borders).
  10. Not yet done, but hopefully will in about a month: making a Type 11 AEG. The wooden blocks are just .30-06 pouch stuffers I also made.
  11. WE M1A1. Lightly refinished the plastic furniture. Will get a set by BOG down the road.
  12. Made a Type 89 Potato Discharger
  13. Most likely trolling. There's already some dude from Turkey I think who's done tissue-filled PET bottle suppressors on YT. edit: I thought wrong "As requested I will be re-making this video and posting it in roughly 5 weeks, I will use a .22 and an empty water bottle. I will be stuffing a water bottle with several types of materials and testing them. Let me know what materials you want me to use in reply to this comment. Sorry for the flawed experiment."
  14. The hardware I buy from only has hex or phillips. Been meaning to buy a whole bunch of slotted screws for vintage builds but keep forgetting.
  15. This is with regards to the AKS74U? If so, the lower handguard retainer is too high by about a millimeter. Have not tried changing out the retainer but what I did instead was modify the handguard itself to sit lower by removing some material at the bottom and adding material on top.
  16. A bit extreme but maybe it's possible to machine one of the gas sections shorter?
  17. I had a few mags that were like this which I solved by shallowing out the ridge between the two detents to make it flick up/down easier. With your method it flicks down automatically with the presence of bbs loaded.
  18. Problem is with the WE spec handguard retainer. I fitted an Asura on a WE and had to grind the bottom of handguard (where it goes into the retainer) and add a filler on top (super glue + metal filings) to make the handguard level.
  19. Lol that K frame feels swole because that's actually an N frame.
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