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  1. Looking good Billz, be sure to post up the photos of your loadout with the CIRAS. What boots are those? They go well with ACU. Edit: Just saw your PJ impression, Titleist. It looks fantastic! Got a nice sandy used look to it... Or is that just photoshop? Stick with DCU's mate, everyone's doing FR at the mo PJ impressions seem to be a dieing breed in comparison.
  2. They've made a TA31, which is on their website and now available at redwolf. I expect other retailers will soon pick it up too. Although this isn't an actual ACOG compact, it's the closest thing to it. It's on their TA11 and TA31 models mate. Just for show I presume. There's a new TA31 available, perhaps that's what they meant? Just to clear up some of the confusion I noticed, the TA31 isn't an ACOG compact, but it's the closest thing to it in terms of replicas. On the trigicon website, it says the TA31LAW (TA31 without the optic strip on top) was designed for the LAPD
  3. Look closer. He's simply mounted some 20mm rail on the silencer, along with a standard RIS mount for the flashlight. Nice one though, first time I've seen it done. Screamin_Weasel, where will the battery go?
  4. Sorry to revive a rather old thread, but I've got another question 'bout the old Vltor if anyone's got experience. My question is, can the modstock (replica or RS) fit a crane stock battery of some sort? I'm not really a fan of Crane stocks, nor PEQ boxes. So would I be able to buy one of the smaller available crane stock batteries and fit it in? The tabs on the side look quite short. I've seen some fitted which reach all the way up the stock, and some which only go around 3/4 of the way. There are only a few replica Modstocks available, and the one which has stood out most to me is
  5. Mouse


    Yeah that's right. Warrior's the one for me, all the goodness of a Marsoc but with some updates.
  6. Mouse


    Good good. I don't think I'll be slamming it into the mag well that hard but thanks for the advice.
  7. Mouse


    What I meant was I prefer the brown looking one on the kimber site, but it's obviously just the photo. I may pick up a WA one in the future provided I can still get hold of one and krylon it desert brown or something, for a bit of fun. In the meantime I'll stick with the plain old warrior, since the MarSOC doesn't really do anything for me either. Nice VTB and of course Donnie, very nice kimber. I like the mixing of the warrior grip with a silver TLE. Whilst we're on the subject, I'm guessing I could, but does anyone know if I could stick the TLE type mags, government series ones, in a ki
  8. Mouse


    I actually quite like it in that photo and was considering getting the WA one, then I saw what it actually looks like... It's safe to say it wont be the desert version I'm going for.. RS: WA: Looks like someone threw up on their warrior IMO
  9. If you click "find me" on his profile sledge, his marker is hard to distinguish against the background. Same would go for you and all "forum regulars".
  10. Mouse

    Parents on holiday? Woo!

    lol, great blog mate. Added you too
  11. Ahh okay, hadn't spotted that. Cheers mate
  12. That's awesome! Nice one arnie. Only thing I found with Google Earth is that it didn't seem to have as many pins on the map as the original. I may be wrong. Does it need updating? Or does the network link update itself automatically from the original Find It! one?
  13. lol oops, sorry to hear that mate. Dw about cutting it, if it's that difficult, I think that shows something about quality itself!
  14. Very nice, I'll put a couple of packs in with my next order from Z1. Would you be able to cut one in half, and see what the air bubbles are like? The more there are, the lower quality it is... Perhaps putting a sliced one next to a sliced excel would be useful to see how the two compare? Have you put this review up in the online reviews section? The new feature. I think it's definitely worth putting it up mate. Thanks for the review.
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