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  1. Hey all. Got one of these from a mate today. Shoots nice. However, even with the hop off, it's over-hopping .3's. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a dissasembly vid/tutorial for the barrel part? I can't work out how to take it apart.
  2. Hey all, having some trouble with my sopmod and i'm not sure what's causing it. So, after managing to get mine shooting 355 with a e6 m90 (don't ask, don't know how), I drilled a small hole in the jet nozzle to lower the fps. This did the trick, now at 330ish, however it's now double feeding sometimes. Enough that it's annoying and an issue, not the odd shot. Any ideas? My only thought is that the nozzle is now sticking in the hop, thus allowing more bb's to move into the chamber.
  3. Hey all, got a second hand 105 and first impressions are amazing! He he As always , I took it apart and the upper handguard was a real pain to get off and back on. I had to hammer it down as it was so solid. Seemed almost too long. Now when shooting the bb's seem to be flying quite a bit higher than the sights. Have I bent to barrel or something terrible? also, which way does the hop nub go in? I watched a video that suggested it goes in line with the barrel, but every other gun I've ever owned it was perpendicular to the barrel. Hmm, perhaps that's why the bbs aren't going whe
  4. well, used it for a couple of game days now, seems to be losening up a touch. To adjust it in the mornings before chrono i've been taking the side screws out and pulling the whole barrel assembly out, adjusting it carefully and then holding it in to see if it's correct. Bit of a pain tbh. Still need ot use a flathead to adjust it, this way it's just a bit easier to get to it so I can make sure I'm not breaking plastic to move it. Next step i think i'll take it apart and try and work out where it's compressing so much to cause the stiffness.
  5. I didn't have too much trouble with mine. Best tool for it I found was a metal ruler lol
  6. Hey guys, I've just picked one of these up. From the few shots in my room it's epic. What do you use to adjust the hop though? I tried using a flathead screwdriver but the hop wheel seems insanely stiff and I'm breaking the plastic of the wheel before it moves. To change the hop adjustment so far I had to take the whole thing apart, take the hop out, adjust it and put it back in. Which of course means i have no clue if it's set right or not. And I doubt very much I'll be able to do that at the game tomorrow lol
  7. No worries was just saying as it's something I deal with each game. Certainly would love ambi selectors like my scar
  8. I'm a lefty Carsten, so having the safety on the far side of the gun from my thumb is a pain, but with practice ive found it doesn't slow me down at all. I'm able to pop it to full with the top of my hand if necessary, keep it on semi mostly though.
  9. Think i'm going to dig out my stock selector plate and see if that works better, if not, probably try and layer up the back of the plate over the contact point with tape or something. Perhaps a lump of glue to add a little pressure where needed.
  10. and turns out the lack of burst is due to my &^*% army sopmod clone body on my tm. It's allowing the selector plate to move over the top of the button on the spectre and not actually depress it.
  11. RIghteo, found out the issue! I broke my tm lower body a while back. So i'm now running the body from a clone Army sopmod. Which is thinner. Seems that the body isn't applying enough pressure to the promy selector i have to engage the buttom properly, so the gun thinks it's in semi most of the time. The decocking is just as it's getting 2 1/2 shots or 1/2 a shot sometimes because it's confused about selector location i reckon.
  12. Well lack of semi was due to the bit that connects with the selector plate on the trigger slipping passed and touching the fire button. Trigger i have isn't TM as it broke so guess the specs aren't exactly the same. Popped a shim on the trigger to push it into the gearbox and reduce wiggle room, seems to have worked. Other issues still seem to remain after a full check. Looks like the terrible grinding was the motor spinning on the lowest gear. Probably going to need a new motor soon as the teeth didn't look great. Ok for now though. I posted about the strange loss of programming i'm
  13. Hey all, i've had my spectre for a few weeks now and haven't managed to get it into game unfortunately. Having some strange issues though so thought i'd ask. First game i took it to, was programmed as semi-3 rnd burst, was all fine at chrono, passed it to a mate and the burst had reverted to semi. Reprogrammed back to how it was and left it for the morning, went back in the afternoon to use it and now i only had burst on both semi and full positions. I've just taken it all apart and resoldered the wire inside the gearbox to help with space. All back together and I'm still getting
  14. Ah cheers, that is good to know. My basic electrical knowledge was telling me that connecting close or at the deans end was no different but didn't want to risk anything. Now just got to work out where to connect it that doesn't get in the way of the trigger, or empty mag system, or hop -.-
  15. Will do soon as I have an idea of what went wrong snoopy. Chances are it's actually my selector that's broken silver, seem to remember the screw that holds it on not being all that strong anymore, may have twisted the plastic circle bit pushes the selector plate. My biggest worry is that I cocked up somewhere in my rewire job. Changed the spectre to front wired as I couldn't work out how to push all those wires through to the back. Had to cut the wires to add flat connectors so it would go through the ris locking nut.
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