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  1. facebook (BoE Airsoft) group

  2. Here is a pic of myself, listening to some fellow players discuss the objectives etc.. Those Boat Pics Are Awesome BTW. Way to push the envelope. What body of water is that?
  3. it was chow time and down time from the rain. I like the pic. I dont use my poncho as much as I would lik
  4. Hey all, here is a lil glimpse from a night operation in the Utah west desert on Saturday 5.21 in preparation for Lion Claws X
  5. Or it just looks easy. I challenge the airsoft community to post up a counter video. Lets see your max range and give us the FPS . Best thing to do is a video to show how easy it is, well I guess its easy with an Ajax Custom..
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDq_MVltO_c&feature=share Ajax from Team Black Ops Elite in Utah pops a target at 200+ feet with his Ajax Custom M4. This is the standard for Team B.o.E SF and Allies. Anyone els able to hit a target with their weapon out past 200 feet? Got video? Share..
  7. This photo was taken during our teams hotwash after an EVO.
  8. gotta love a foggy night. happy holidays. b o e
  9. Winter Warfare & Shot Show RSVP

  10. This is from our last op I too used MS Paint for the beard rad
  11. youtube.com/tas801 Make it a Favorite ! Best Airsoft Wargames footage on the Net!

  12. Here is a PSA we filmed at our Last Operation in Utah (USA) Not much shooting but you get the point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ICCoNIazuk WE can all do our part by creating awareness globaly! Cheers! rad
  13. Pics taken from Operation Black Tiger II located in the Utah desert. After all its Airsoft! Thanks to all the teams from CA, Wy, Co, Utah & Idaho who came to the fight.
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