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  1. My M4 SPC I'm currently reluctantly selling.. (it's in the UK for sale thread but I'm not flogging it here!)

    I took pics for the sale but thought I'd post one here too. Nothing exciting but it's really nice :)

    Completely custom built internally and externally.




  2. Then congrats to you :) - any way of saving money in this expensive hobby is great! I tend to sell my spares.

    Just need to get mine picked up from the courier today.


    Thanks mate! It's my first G&P bodied M4 and I'm really pleased with it so far :)

    TM upgraded M4 gearbox, G&P M4A1 front end, hop & inner barrel, G&P Marine body. TM M4-S LE Stock, TM M4 handgrip, CA metal carry handle & CA body furniture that didn't come with the body.


  3. Some very nice Armies so far!! :)


    Here's mine. (apologies for crappy phone pics!)




    CA M15A4 CQB

    Various stuff bolted on. Various upgraded internals.




    TM M4-S System

    Various stuff bolted on. Upgraded / rear wired gearbox for full stock / large battery.



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