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  1. Well thats completly contrary to my experience. I've never seen a Colt Carbine with an angled buffer tube as they are not Mil-Spec. They are always shorter than the Enhanced Stocks, like on this Colt 6920: http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/6884/colt69205.jpg
  2. Actually it's correct that way in sense of realism. A Mil-Spec buffer tube (as used on the HK416s exported to the US that are model for VFCs and Boyis replicas) is shorter than the modern Enhanced/LE stocks. You will see the same thing on the military Colt M4 with the new stocks. Only the commercial AR15 buffer tubes are the same length as the LE-stocks. http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/4633/ctrstockspecsws3.jpg So be happy, Boyi did a good job at that point
  3. I really like it The only minor issue in my opinion is the color of the rail panels. They look realy off-spec compared to all the other FDE parts. What brand are they?
  4. Unfortunately there are no other mags available.
  5. TXP

    G36 Picture Thread

    It is the "KSK"-rail (officially called "sight bridge aluminium middle-high") too, but an earlier version. It's the same height, but he's right about the length, it is shorter than the current produced ones. They made the current one longer to stretch the sight line a bit, for better accuracy with the flip-up iron sights often used on them. There have been several versions of the "KSK" rail, actually so many different that it's pretty hard to list them all. Not sure if even H&K knows all variants of that rail
  6. TXP

    G36 Picture Thread

    Here you go. It's a C not a K, but the Markings are identical except this one Letter: http://www.gun-world.net/german/hk/g36/atr04.jpg On the newer ones (produced after 2002/2003 or so) the "Warning" and manufacturer markings are moved to the right side of the receiver. The top left G36C is a newer one, the lower right G36K an older. Notice markings underneath ejection port and above trigger on the upper left one. http://www.gun-world.net/german/hk/g36/ss05_04.jpg Left side looks this way now: http://www.gun-world.net/german/hk/g36/milipol2005_24.jpg Militar
  7. Different rear sight? I know they changed the front sight (locking pin mechanism) but what was changed on the rear? I liked the 3rd Gen selector better, but i also understand why they have changed it - safty issue, especially when you are used to an AR15 selector switch.
  8. Don't think so, these FDE colored BUIS seem to be the MBUS polymer flip-ups from Magpul. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v421/mr242/MagpulBUIS.jpg Not comercially available till now AFAIK, maybe still prototypes.
  9. The latest versions of the complete guns delivered by VFC seem to have them right out of the box now: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...RLG3FDE_cat_VFC AEGs http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...RHG3FDE_cat_VFC AEGs I'm still wondering when VFC will start to re-shape the Charging Handle groove and change the initial letter of the serial numbering to produce "true" Gen. IV SCARs Nice pics BTW.
  10. Tbone that's a really great AUG Project. As Hedganian suggestet it needs a proper gasblock and I personally would cut down the top rail a bit (IMO it would look even better if the end of the rail would line up with the front of the ejection port) but everything else is just awesome. I love it Actually your gun is how an AUG A3 should look like. I suggest Steyr Mannlicher to hire you as designer
  11. @ Danke Your sling is mounted the wrong way The part you mounted to the rear is actually the front. I suggest to turn it arround
  12. TXP

    G36 Picture Thread

    Here you go: http://www.armyrecognition.com/europe/Fran...gnition_043.JPG
  13. Actually both is true, as the Airsoft Pistols soldby Sig Arms are KJWs
  14. Sorry, that's not true. Umarex has rights on all H&K guns. But as HK has only a few design patents, only certain guns are affected. These guns are: P2000, P30, HK45, SL8, XM8 and unfortunately the HK416. All other guns (USP, G36, MP5, G3 etc.) are not affected as long as they don't bear HK-Logos. The information from airsoftnews.eu is incomplete, as the investigator obviously just checked the german patent informations and forgot to check the european entities.
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