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  1. Påffter

    1911 Picture Thread

    The gun might be OTT for a regular, boring, non gung-ho Vice Det. but for Ludlow it's perfect. He drives a blacked-out SRT8 goddamnit, he deserves a custom hand-gun Your replica is very nice, I'd made it sooner if the recession hadn't hit us quite so hard... PS: "The Browning Hi-Power because even John M. Browning knew the 1911 was a design fault waiting to happen" DS. Hehehe
  2. Påffter

    SIG Picture Thread

    Haven't gotten the chance to yet, only had them for about a week and some. The only airsofting done here is BBIPSC on fridays and woodland skirmish on saturdays and I usually work both those days. I have gone akimbo with a TM 5.1 and a 1911, went kinda alright being my first time on the field.
  3. Påffter

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Please don't tell me that you haven't heard one of those stories about 1911's jamming. Or M4/M16's for that matter. Go on ar15.com and you will find that people install/order a reliability kit, if they trusted their weapons to the fullest extent there would probably not be a market at all for gunsmiths.
  4. Påffter

    SIG Picture Thread

    Am I Sig enough for you now? 2x TM P226 10x TM P226 Magazine 1x BHI Tactical Thigh SERPA P22x BLK Not pictured 1x BHI Tactical Thich SERPA P22x OD On its way: 2x Action 160% recoil spring 1x VFC/GB-Tech Threaded Barrel and Silencer kit To come: 2x PDI Piston Heads (Winter or Summer?) 1x PDI 6.01 mm accurate barrel In my dreams: 1x 400 fps P226X5, the FMK alone is $330 excluding shipping and taxes. 1x 320 fps P226, M6x LAM-unit and suppressor.
  5. Påffter

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    I will add to this thread in about 2-3 weeks time. Sig Sauer P226 and Beretta M9 are weapons which have proven reliability with silencers attached. About the issue Colt's withstanding just about any condition on earth: Most of the movies/tv-series/documentaries that has a story about a training FTF, it's either the M1911A1 or M4/M16 which stars in these stories. To make a 1911 reliable you need a reliability kit. Have I said enough, I think so.
  6. Påffter

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Sorry boys, missed out something that I was supposed to type. "1911's with silencers aren't for assassins" was what I meant to type, and this being angled at the real world. As you all know, 1911's in general doesn't like any added weight on the barrel, some AS-versions are the same. The Hitman hardballers look SMASHING in both Mk1 and Mk2 guise. But it's a bit against my way of thinking. A .22 Ruger Mk1, now that's a silenced gun PS: Have one of my P226's now, sweet friggin' gun. DS.
  7. Påffter

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    That Vz61 was so cute! Hmm, 1911's arent' for silencers, to unreliable to start with Still look the part though. Sig P226X5 with a 80-100 suppressor would be a nice $500+ project.

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