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  1. Horsem4n

    HFC CO2 Flintlock pistol finally coming out

    Now that you mention it, it definitely doesn't look like wood. They had said at IWA that it was "wood and metal" now i doubt any of the external pieces are either.
  2. HFC is finally releasing their flintlock pistol, so that's cool. That thing was announced before I started my hiatus from airsoft. Looks to be around 200USD https://www.kui.com.tw/PA1481D32526SO9/ I can't tell if it's out now. HFC just posted the link on their Facebook. Could still be a few weeks away. FPS may be stupid high, but I plan on buying one just to see if I can down tune it.
  3. Horsem4n

    NPO Sr2m AEP

    yeah, NPO has always been expensive. They used to be well over 1 grand for basic AKs, then they got into the 9mm russian carbines and redwolf started to help them export them (which was previously very difficult for them to do) and the prices came down a little bit. as i understand it, its just a few guys in a small machine shop. since this uses an AEP gearbox, i dont expect other manufacturers to try and copy them like LCT does with the 9mm carbines. so this may be it for the availability of this particular russian SMG.
  4. Horsem4n

    NPO Sr2m AEP

    The pistol gearboxes are actually more solid than the SMG gearboxes. People break the SMG gearboxes pretty often, but the pistol ones are good. It's an interesting choice but if it means I can stick in a huge battery in the cavernous body, by all means. Just hope it doesn't have a plastic cutoff lever. The AEPs have plastic cutoff levers and of the 6 g18cs I've seen, one had a broken one and you can't buy them alone.
  5. Horsem4n

    NPO Sr2m AEP

    Awesome! I don't really care about the power limitations on AEPs, I used a skorpion in CQB for a while and it was totally fine after I upgraded it. Only shot 220fps but still chucked .25s over 200 feet. if they do get that much out of it, the gearbox itself will be worth as much as the gun. Hopefully they fix the gearbox weaknesses to keep it reliable at that fps or even near it. Definitely saving up for one of these. Release date is also pretty soon, they are shooting for the end of August.
  6. Horsem4n

    TTW/FS Marui G18c AEP

    Whatever you have, just PM me. thanks dude ❤️
  7. Horsem4n

    New handgun

    What region do you live in? What times of the year do you play? Most hand guns are gas powered that are in popular use, but if you live in a cold climate, you may run into performance instabilities if you go for a gas gun. If you play all year round, you'd be tuning it pretty often. You might want to consider, if you take sniping seriously, a small electric SMG. Like an MP5k or VFCs upcoming MP7. If you are set on a handgun and don't mind it being electric and relitively low powered, you could go for an AEP. Gas guns generally have better FPS and are capable of better range than an AEP, but AEPs can still compete in range up to a point. The last AEP I built I could hit targets reliably out to 230ish feet with .25g BBs. Those BBs were only flying out of the muzzle at 225fps, but I had my skorpion rhoped for the increased stability. The hard part with AEPs though is that they need modifications. A couple things for reliability like a shim job, maybe steel bushings (I have skipped that before), a mosfet. And a couple things for performance like running it on 7.4v lipos and installing an r hop. But, not a lot of techs will actually work on AEPs, so unless you like to tinker, it may be difficult to find someone willing to set up a marui g18c for you. Cause if there's anything I know about AEPs, is that they just can't compete when stock. I have 2 Marui g18cs right now with some upgrades on the side. Sort of collected over the last 2 years from one of my clients. I sold my last AEP and missed it, so I'm mostly happy to have these Glocks. But I'm not sure I care to dabble in CQB anymore. Just trying to decide if I actually want to build them. Now, when it comes to gas guns. Even if you live in a cold climate, you do have some choices. Tokyo Marui GBB pistols are made with plastic bodies. With some tuning, you can install metal body/slide kits, but if you leave them stock, they actually perform well in colder temps on green gas. Marui also makes a non blowback MK23 that works just fine in the cold as all the gas pressure available just goes to firing the BBs. It's just, with AEPs, they will shoot stabaly regardless of temperature, even in automatic firing modes. with gas guns generally shooting with less power the colder it gets (in the middle of a mag too if you shoot it to fast), which forces you to make on the fly hopup adjustments for distances over 50 feet. If you are in a warm climate or only play on warm days, then I'd recommend a gas gun. Marui is definitely one of the best, but if you seek metal, a Marui is still good, but it can get pricy when buying tuning parts for a metal body kit. Other brands to consider is WE, VFC, KJW, and maybe a few others, but everyone has varying reliability depending on the model. Marui is the only one that has a proven consistency record and a low lemon rate. Most pistols made of a certain quality can reliably reach out to 100 feet, but it's best to go with the most proven platforms to deal with the least amount of fickleness. Gas guns tend to be divas.
  8. Horsem4n

    TTW/FS Marui G18c AEP

    So, I have 2 marui Glock AEPs that I'm not really doing anything with. One is together and the other is in parts. I took it apart to find out why the motor was seized up, but after I fixed it, I never put it back together. I have upgrades for both of them that I eventually planned to do. I have a set of steel bushings, a steel tappet Cam and plate, and 2 gate pico ssr2 mosfets. I could set them both up for a nice CQB setup, especially since one of them has a CYMA top rail (though the threaded muzzle broke off). I also have a parts CYMA .030 gearbox that I can throw in. I eventually plan to put everything together and upgrade them to use small 200-350mah 7.4v lipos. But in the meantime, if anyone wants it all for around 150 shipped conus, let me know. The more work I do to them though, the more I'm going to ask for. Realistically I should keep them, but I'm really not into playing right now and don't particularly want them. I only have maybe one cyma mag for them and I think they are expensive for what they are. I don't have any batteries for them btw. I'm expecting to sell them to someone who will install the upgrades. I'll ship internationally because I know these are pretty popular in the UK, but you'll have to pay extra for shipping. I'd expect postage to the UK to cost around $60. Let me know if you are interested. I can do trades as well.
  9. Horsem4n

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Evike apparently has real sword AKs. Someone buy one and sell it to me for less.
  10. Horsem4n

    VFC brushless motor ARs

    I think the best part of a brushless motor is the lack of dealing with brush dust. Just never having to change brushes and cleaning carbon out of the grip and motor is attractive to me.
  11. Horsem4n

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    Yes, the real sig that was adopted by the US army had a 1911 style safety. But the commercial model without the safety was subsequently adopted by many american police forces, this is when the first incident happened, but still wasn't acknowledged by sig until 6 months later. If you drop a stock sig p320 on the back end of the slide, the trigger will actually get pulled by gravety and the gun will go off. Some people even got their p320s to go off by hitting the back of the slide with a rubber mallet. The competition and ninjafied models had lighter triggers (the trigger is physically lighter) and weren't plagued with this issue. Essentially now, sig hasn't recalled the pistol despite having several court cases involving police officers dropping their guns (while in holsters) and shooting themselves. They have at least offered to fix it for those who want to through their RMA system. Sig still however is denying that it's a major issue that necessitates a recall. It does take a very specific angle to drop the gun and have it set off, but there's no reason it should go off when dropped at all. Anyway, this gun looks cool and I do like the p320 despite sig sucking currently (the new sign 365 compact 9mm has some major striker drag issues that would break the tip off your striker within 400 rounds. Sig quietly changed the striker design even though they haven't acknowledged the issue and the "new" version of the gun still drags the striker all the way across the primer, practically pinching it over brass, so who knows if it will still destroy strikers) so hopefully the gun will be cool.
  12. Horsem4n

    VFC brushless motor ARs

    I have a bag full of clone deans connectors. Like 200 pairs, and a soldering iron. So it doesn't really matter to me. If anyone wants a pair just hmu
  13. Horsem4n

    VFC brushless motor ARs

    So redwolf just put up the Virgo brushless AR kit for around what VFC said they'd sell them for, so I wanted to post it. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_Conversion_Kits_AEG_VFC_Virgo_M4_Conversion_Kit_Deluxe_Brushless_Motor_Version.htm?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=redwolf-airsoft-specialist-ltd&utm_content=Retail+EDM+July+13th+2018 I haven't looked anywhere else, but I may try to pick one of these up eventually. Or maybe I'll convince a friend of mine to grab one. If anyone sees the full models or sees them cheaper elsewhere, post it up. Hopefully brushless motors live up to the hype and proliferate the market. That way we can return to trusting active breaking without having to change brushes every couple of scrimmages. No overcycle issues, no need for a mosfet, the motor is just controllable and protected out of the box.
  14. Horsem4n

    AAF American Airsoft Factory M4

    i guess ill save up for one, it does look at least better out of the box than a Tippmann and has more parts made in house than Umbrella. They do look like they really need help though. their website is riddled with typos and since the CEO is one of the guys assembling the rifles, they must not have a lot of staff. I'm considering sending them my resume, but they don't appear to be looking for any extra help. I dont know if i want to live in utah, but i do have a friend that lives out there i could bunk with.
  15. Horsem4n

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    You're working more with metal now dude? How did you machine the receiver and make the barrel bands?

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