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  1. I use my issue trousers, webbing, etc. However I use a smock without any insignia on and I don't wear an S95 shirt, again because they all have TRF patches and other insignia sewn on.
  2. You just need to aquire an LLM-01 now then. Ah if only someone would make a replica for airsoft. Or Ubar would leave his lying around to get "lost"
  3. So very very wrong. Reduced? You mean as in less than previous gen a/c. Well in that at least you are correct. However reduced does NOT mean gone. Both IR and RF signatures are very much still there. And I hate to break it to you but the Raptor is very shootdownable (it is a word, ok ). The same applies for Typhoon, both IR and Radar signatures are drastically reduced compared to other a/c flying today. In fact the only a/c that have a smaller radar cross section than Typhoon are F-117, B-2 and Raptor. As for ARH and IIR missiles not working against raptor, simply 100% un
  4. Needs a SUSAT mate. Yet another thing for you to buy
  5. Eddie182

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    Arn, I'm not getting anything coming from the news RSS feed at all. Forum posts feed works fine, but the news one has no updates at all. Any idea why this is, and can you fix it? I know not many people use the RSS feed, but still, it's nice to have arnies piped direct to my sidebar.
  6. Nope not just you. Until it's covered in dried mud and stinking of smoke grenades it's just not the same imo. Just like my coveralls for work, new ones don't seem right until they are a bit faded and stink of aviation fuel.
  7. macragge, Without a doubt the best looking UK loadouts I've seen done by anyone across the pond. It's actually one of the best I've seen ever. Nicely done. You could do with a bungee or two around your PLCE pouches to pull them all together though.
  8. Wait until you've been using it for nearly a year. My pay and details still get messed up. And as for leave, ha, it just does't work anymore. Although I suspect that's more down to the clerks than anthing else.
  9. They aren't the only ones. Radars don't see typhoon as easily as you may think, not AS stealthly as the Raptor, but it's still hard to see.
  10. LOL. WVR fight maybe. Of course the Raptor, or typhoon for that matter would just go high and fast using supercruise and take them out from BVR before the ruskies even knew what was happening. Oh, and we had the same results both simulated against the ruskies and over at Nellis against the F-15s/F-16s with the typhoon. Besides it's all acedemic anway, Typhoon and Raptor are not only flying, but in service (AFAIK Raptor is in service, just). Wheras the SU-37 just, isn't. And Raptor v Typhoon would be interesting, they are both very different a/c. Typhoon would have a slig
  11. Well that bit isn't a part on it's own. It's part of the HUD PDU, which includes the glass reflector as well as the control panel, projector and some of the proccessor units. It's a pretty big bit of kit. We (the RAF) don't deal with parts that small, we just change out the larger system components. The broken bits go off to BAE for repair, getting them there and back again is my job.
  12. Not too sure where exactly they are made, other than somewhere in the UK. Although saying that it depends on what part of the HUD system you mean.
  13. Thanks, got loads of 'em. No they were just flying past the tower coming in to land. I'm based at Coningsby and my room window overlooks the airfield . See the things every single day. Then I go to work and play around with all the black boxes that make up the avionics.
  14. My latest. The view I get when I look out of the window. Noisey buggers mind you.
  15. NO you can''t. Now get the **** up and run around the hangar. Move!
  16. Ghola, Unfort I forgot to bring the camera home with me this weekend, however I''ll be taking the last few bits of my kit I have in storage (webbing included) up to camp on Sunday. I''ll take some pics and post them up on Thursday/Friday (when my internet gets connected in the barrack block). From the sounds of that setup you''ve got, just one more util pouch would do nicely to fill the gap at the back. TBH, most people only have 5 pouches anyway. The only reason I''ve got as many as I have is through a lot of fiddling and the fact that I''m slightly larger in build (not fat you c
  17. Smock drawcords done up tight around your waist and as gadge said, you webbing belt should be plently tight enough to stop mags falling out anyway. It'd be worth picking up a couple more util pouches and a 2nd double ammo. That way you'll not only have space for a water bottle and more ammo/mags but you'll be able to bungee/strap all the pouches together. This makes the webbing much more stable and solid. Also, a roll pin belt is a must IMO. So much better than the standard PLCE belt. If you think they'll be useful I'll put up some pics of my setup to give you some ideas. Fa
  18. I must admit I fail to understand all these supposed "adults" or at least "nearly adults" with these very weird cartoon desktops. Ok, I have to confess I have no idea what anime is, nor do i want to know. But it does seem very, very odd to me. Still, takes all sorts I suppose. More normal, humourous/military/fit model desktops please.
  19. Yep brecon pocket is the way forward, saves wasting money on a pointless (IMHO) dump bag. And one less thing hanging off your kit to get snagged on the bondu.
  20. My Latest desktop. 2 Typhoons of 29® Sqn RAF Coningsby. My lot.
  21. Likewise, I stopped teaching at my local ATC squadron a year or so ago for that very same reason. We had a very good sqn, and fortunatly the OC was ex-raf and very keen on all things green. But despite the attitude of all on the sqn wing HQ put a stop to almost anything remotely realistic. Even giving the kids wooden mock up rifles caused us to be told off. Although all the NCO's on sqn were expected to wear S95 ranks slides when in DPMs. In fact it was S95 slides or no slides at all. El-boomo, Is that urban assault I see in those pics? I'll most likely have seen yo
  22. Not allowed them? WTF?! So you're not allowed to wear S95 rank slides with S95 kit? I have to say, that is the least sensible thing I have ever heard.
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