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  1. Are you interested in any trades? I have a full metal ksc g26c fired prolly around 50 rounds with it. 1 week old

  2. I've been waiting 6 months for a refund on mine, no one can complain anymore :-p j/k.
  3. We call this the "Horizon Tactical Lesson".
  4. I usually order stateside because then I don't have to worry about my one-off gun getting seized by customs. Apparently, customs seized the ENTIRE shipment of CO2 guns that came in in early may, and are dragging their asses on releasing it. Now I am SOL.
  5. You're breaking my heart here - I ordered from Horizon Tactical because they were stateside. 65 days after placing my order, I still have not received it. Everyone I see has been happy with AB, and now I get those coulda-woulda-shoulda thoughts... but can't back out, because paypal is giving me troubles because the amount of time passed has been too long. Here in New York, the "season" only really lasts into mid-September. I'm starting to think I'll get it just in time for the season to be over.
  6. Still waiting on my CO2 version from Horizon Tactical. Getting quite impatient, though I know it's not Jeff's fault, so getting mad is useless.
  7. As far as I know, no one has them in stock yet. At least, Horizon Tactical does not.
  8. Very glad I bought from Horizon Tactical. Now if he could just get his stock of CO2 guns in, we'd be golden. A lot of this recent discussion is disconcerting, I must say.
  9. HT here as well, though I doubt its their fault, as AB doesn't have any in stock either. I wonder what the post on WE's site about CO2 version being released was all abut, if they aren't released...
  10. I wish I could complain about my M4 I've just been told my pre-order of the CO2 version wont be in for 2 more weeks. Its already been 2, and then ship time. Yikes.
  11. CoCo, is that CAD or 3d Studio Max? No matter which, you have great talent. WE should be paying you for royalties, if they adopt it.
  12. Figures, you guys all wait to complaint-dump until AFTER I've bought mine I'm still willing to give em a chance, especially with the AEG Barrel compatibility coming. I usually have good luck with lemons (JG BAR10 being the exception), so I will wait and see how it pans out.
  13. ^ I second this question. I have had a pre-order into Horizon Tactical for 10 days, and they haven't even changed the status from Pre-Order, let alone shipped, or called it "available" EDIT: Yes, I know the "official" release date was the 29th/30th
  14. Velocity reducers, i believe, use an Iris-type opening to reduce the speed of the BB. Once the iris has been fully opened by a BB passing through it, it is as good as useless in slowing down the next round coming down the tube. I believe this is completely universal.
  15. The retaining clip looks like serious business. This will be at the top of my "things to get" list when I get mine.
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