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  1. Make: Classic Army

    Model: SD5 - A4 - A2

    Accessories: all come with one mag

    Fps: all at around 320/340fps

    Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No X 3

    Price: £150 each


    Recently serviced all 3

    All working order

    Good for a backup, lender gun or a primary

    All rear wired to deans


    Any questions just pm me


    You must have a valid defence and I will check, I won't save any first come first served 976507c69bfe7ad3b6887ae088fd1d78.jpga4f6911a391f81675645dc0ec0b2b6ee.jpg312fccad98367a7a82550fbdc359ca1d.jpgdf32cdf0f99ce6f77d9eb14da4043005.jpgd71d653f71d62e5147adbf338367fdc1.jpg2192aa55e4575a8642b1ae1c9746d121.jpg


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  2. Really? You need to video that thing being fired. I've a centurion I've been working on "paint" wise. Great for a futuristic look, especially with a berrel extension, mock suppressor and illuminated scope.

    Can you not see it? The pistol grip


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