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  1. MEU grips from cripps fitted Sent from my phone using my fingers
  2. Sent from my phone using my fingers
  3. Haha, you might well be! Duck!
  4. My Maruzen mp5k with modified stock tube
  5. Oh no no, it's an Acm m500
  6. Well I have almost finished my shotty project, just need a few little bits to make me happy, started life with me like this And after much work she now looks like this
  7. No!!!! All I have ever heard is bad things about them I wouldn't send my worst enemy there!
  8. jez


    From the album: Jez@Elite

  9. DMR Bushmaster backwater metal reciever Daniel defence front RIS Magpul PTS Grip Magpul Stock Magpul AFG G&P M120 motor Promethus barrel Guarder gearset Element piston Upgraded nozzle 11.1 on deans 160mm silencer Pro arms PEQ-15 And with its smaller brother, The fighting cat
  10. My G&P Bushmaster blackwater And its little brother, fully custom built Fighting cat (Specs on request)
  11. jez

    Good communication, P90 came quick! good guy!

  12. nice one, i had this problem too! seemed normal the other day then its just switched?
  13. Well lets just say if you had those tints on your windscreen over here in london, you would soon be pulling them off with a policeman standing next to you writing you a £300 fine
  14. why the hell would you tint a windscreen?
  15. Had a few cars since i last posted 96 silvia and now my 99 primera
  16. My M16 and my G36 with custom silencer front end build
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