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  1. jez

    G36 Picture Thread

    Done a bit of customising with my G36 last night i got a K forend grip so its longer at the front but i had no inner barrel extention so i cut out the front so the silencer slides in about 3 inchs in then screws on leaving about 8-9 inches out the front, then i gorrila glued the silencer on because the threads were on the way out it could be a tad neater but i had no access to my tools last night and had to use a stanly knife to carve it out
  2. well yeah, and it cost me *fruitcage* all, and it had my mates guessing who i was all night
  3. That wasnt directed at you moose
  4. Well i guess mine is inspired, and its not bad for something i threw together in a matter of hours im guessing its really hard to get it spot on show us yours then
  5. little Update Got my scope riser, VN mags and bi-pod, also threw in a Prometheus hop up and a new 9.6 200mah battery sorry about the phone pics, its hard to find batterys in this house!
  6. Heres my Gear i pretty much threw this together from what i had laying about like black combats, black shirt, work boots, bmx knee pads a vest i got of here last week for £9, a helmet that was OD under its cover i sprayed Matt black And only 2 days after puuting that together it was fancy dress at our local rock club so i called the lads and we got our airsoft gear on, we did get some funny looks on the way but it was all fun! and one of me "questioning" my mate jim in his flashers coat i do have more but its mainly us with girls
  7. Had a little downgrade over a few months
  8. My new DBoys/TM creation still need some bits for it Scope risers VN Style mags bipod RIS Kit
  9. Currently in DPM (well have been for 4 years now lol) Just about to get some desert gear now
  10. jez

    G36 Picture Thread

    Thankyou, its my first G36 and my first JG and i must say its most likly one of the best i have owned, very solid build and feels really good
  11. jez

    G36 Picture Thread

    My new G36, using 3 mags as its cheaper than a bipod lol
  12. Heres a few of mine, all british 95 DPM
  13. good thing ive lost the boonie then! and the patch is gone and replaced with a sniper one
  14. i have one of those, and if fact there very good for there money, alough i took the handle off and now have it on one of my M4's but for the money, there very good!
  15. also by making the title what is it, more people look and may be quicker to offer advice this was solved a while ago but thatnks for the free bump
  16. well if you want mine you can have it for a good price
  17. my old "89" Ford fiesta XR2 and my current "92" Honda prelude
  18. erm i have -2 messages in my inbox? my inbox is empty, anyone else had this problem?
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