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  1. if i could just request a capitol J on mine cheers
  2. For those of you who dont know its Town assault
  3. its a KJ Works its no a UTG its a Rip off version called a M50 A Double Eagle Sniper version it was my first sniper rifle bought new from this site for about £90 as i know the guys chron'ed at 300fps which aint too bad then in the recent pic thats a mp001 i got of danny_boy200 which is a sweet replica of the M24 what parts do you need mate?
  4. sorry to urinate on your cornflakes but its not a UTG that beretta is for spares at the moment untill i find a new roof for it
  5. im now checking to see if its held up ok!
  6. brace yourself everyone who comes to my house does
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