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  1. I was looking more for the PLCE pouches.




    But that's only one pouch.....I'd like a webstore where I can get like 4 of those pouches instead of hoping to find more on ebay over a few weeks time.


    For the 6-point harnesses, how do they attached to the belt? Do you need a specific belt?


  2. I need less FSBE fail in my loudout. Can anyone suggest replica gear, (webbing, OD plate carriers, whatever) that would work, and not break the bank? Preferably no more than $60-70USD?


    The cheapest OD CIRAS I found was $90, plus $30 shipping from HK.

  3. Anyone else having sluggish recoil with the suppressor attached on 134a?


    Also, how do you guys run the thing on green gas? I'd like to get a metal slide, but my P99 HATES green gas, and its consumption on 134a is roughly the same as a single-stack TM 1911A1 :huh:

  4. I'm wondering if my OD plate carrier will work as a substitute though. I really don't need any more vests, and I have seen a few pics of Aussies wearing OD plate carriers and pouches.

  5. I wish I could find a proper AUSCAM combat vest/rig/something to put mags in. I saw some "South African Assault Vests" but didn't know if they were "proper". I may just have to stick with my OD rig.

  6. Apparently CA barrels are ######. Mine was hooking rounds to the right. Put in a TM barrel and now it shoots straight.


    Where can I get an AUG birdcage flash hider? Evike doesn't have them any more.

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